Welcome to the Spanish 2 page!
    1) Attendance
        Please be sure to have your absences excused within 24 hours! Unexcused absences result in loss of participation points and for the work completed that day.
    2) Missing work
        All work done is filed in the Spanish 2 crate. Know the date(s) you missed and pull the assignment(s) from the correct folder. You have as many days as you missed to complete the work
        in order to receive full credit.
    3) Quizzes and Tests
          They will be announced at least a week before taking it or on a Monday of the week we take it.
          All work we are doing is working towards some sort of assessment. If you are engaged in the work, completing the work on time, and asking questions, you will perform well. There are no
          retakes for quizzes and tests. Some tests may be up for test corrections, but I will let you know which tests qualify for test corrections.
          If absent on the day of a quiz/test, you must make it up by Quarter 1/3 grades (before Week 9/Week 27) and Semester 1/2 (Week 18/36). After that, the score is
          entered as a permanent 0.
    4) In-class Work
         All class work is due at the end of the period.
         If you need extra time, please feel free to come in at lunch/after school to get extra help or to take home if you are unable to. Please communicate with me if you are doing so.
         Cut off dates per term is based on the Progress/Quarter Reports. Once a report is made, the work before it is no longer accepted. 
    5) Phones/Technology
          Our class incorporates technology into the classroom. We use Google Classroom and other Google products/resources that are available for students. Cell phones and laptops are great
          ways to access these resources, but also can become a distraction. I am sure your parents have had a discussion about the use of your cell phone/laptops in school. Please use them
          responsibly in class.
          As best said: They are a double-edged sword, meaning they can help you, but also hurt you. You also lose participation points.  
         On a final note: Do not take photos of other people's work. Depending on the severity as far as E-Plagiarism, you could earn a 0 for the
         assignment. Also, taking photos/recording others (including myself) may be considered a form of cyberbullying and could result in immediate disciplinary action/removal from the class.
      6) Extra Help
          I am available before and after school by appointment. Please let me know when you will be coming in so I can anticipate your arrival. I have grading/planning to do before/after school
          and interruptions such as unannounced visits may prohibit me from prepping up my day. Please be courteous of this.
    Let's make it a great year!
    Mr. Garcia