• These are great opportunities to enrich your understanding of environmental science by going beyond the classroom.  When you participate in any of these opportunities, send me an email with a selfie of you at the event, and a brief summary of what you did and what you thought of the experience.
    You must do one event over the course of the semester for points in the lab portion of your grade.  Any additional event(s) you choose to attend will be worth extra points.
    Check back here periodically, as I will add new opportunities as they arise.
    Hawk Watch- going on now through the end of October (worth double field points given the time/distance - a good Saturday outing!)
    Swift Watch - going on now through the end of September  
    Friends of Trees:  (Friendsoftrees.org) is out in Portland and the greater green spaces like Forest Park planting trees all through the winter.  Check them out for times and places.