• 1. Go to Google Classroom and open up the Task #1 Instruction and Answer Sheet. If you do not have google classroom you may download the file from the bottom of this page. 

    1a. If not in Google Classroom, SAVE the document to your H:\ Drive.

    2. You will be answering these question INDIVIDUALLY as you go through the activities. 

    3. Using one or more of the following sites, answer the questions in section A and B:

    4.  When you have completed sections A and B, take your answers to #1-11 to your instructor. One of the questions will be selected and you will be asked to clearly explain your answer.  If you are correct and clear, then your instructor will mark your progress on the project spreadsheet.


    5.  We're ready to move on to Section C! Open the following simulation to answer the questions in Section C.

    6.  When you have completed Task #1, take some time to discuss your answers with your group members.  If you and your neighbors disagree with anything, make sure you work until you determine who has the correct/most complete answer before you move on. Then check in with your instructor to have your progress recorded.