• Welcome to Mrs. G's Music Website!

    Current Students: Please be sure to log in to Google Classroom every day! You will need your instrument in good working condition. There is a weekly play test to start on Monday and turn in Friday, as well as daily lessons to engage in rhythm, listening and theory. 
    Incoming 6th graders: Be sure to click on the Orchestra tab to the left for more information about Orchestra!
    Mrs. G teaches Orchestra and Guitar. For more information about these two classes, please click on the page tabs on the left. Classroom location: Stage, first door on the left when headed down the gym & music hallway. 
    All music students will need notebook paper, pencils, an ID tag for their instrument case. Guitar students will need a folder; orchestra students will need a black binder. Please check your class' page for a complete list of supplies. 
    Mrs. G appreciates donations of tissue boxes and pencils
    Please no food, candy, gum or drinks that are not water during class, except during a class party or if provided by the teacher.
    Students are expected to bring their instrument to each class (except cello and bass players) and keep it in good working condition. School instruments are available for free check-out on a limited first come, first served basis. If you need help with an instrument issue such as a broken string, please see Mrs. G.