Athletics at Wilsonville High School

  • The Athletic Program at Wilsonville High School is an integral part of the educational process. Athletics offer a positive and meaningful experience that will enhance the growth and development of all young men and women who participate.

    In accordance with our mission, students know that academics come first, and our student-athletes are expected to be just as productive in the classroom as they are on the field. Student participation on an athletic team is a privilege and not a right. High standards of conduct will be expected of students on and off the playing fields and courts. As a Wilsonville High School athlete, students will make a commitment to themselves, teammates, and to the school to follow the guidelines and expectations of being a student-athlete.

    As a member of a district that strives to fully develop each student’s potential, Wilsonville High School values the multiple-sport athlete and encourages all students to participate in as many different interscholastic programs as possible. The Wildcat staff is committed to working together, with a common philosophy of sharing student-athletes, including those involved in the arts and activities.

    Athletics offer students the opportunity to build confidence and discipline, and our coaching staff works hard to ensure that all students put forth their best effort every day. Wildcat athletes learn important lessons in the areas of leadership, teamwork, sportsmanship, and balance. Wilsonville High School athletic program provides quality coaching and instruction throughout all levels of play and realizes the importance of fair play and honest, respectful competition. 

Athletic Hotline

OSAA Recruiting Webinar

  • A nonprofit service designed to assist families in being educated about the athletic collegiate recruiting process. The Recruiting Education Foundation Inc., a 501(c)(3) nonprofit venture, provides free recruiting webinars for Oregon high school athletes and their families.