Athletic Clearance

  • School Activities Update (February 9, 2021)

    The Oregon School Activities Association (OSAA) Executive Board has revised the Association’s calendar regarding the Athletic Seasons beginning in February. The executive board moved to adopt a three-season plan with six-week seasons.

    Season 2/Fall Sports:
     Cross Country, Soccer, Volleyball, Football, Cheer, Dance
    First Practice: February 22, 2021 (Football: 2/8/21 for those cleared for Season 1)
    First Week of Competition March 1- March 7, 2021

    Season 3/Spring Sports: Baseball, Golf, Tennis, Lacrosse, Softball, Track
    First Practice: April 5, 2021
    First Day of Competition: April 12, 2021

    OSAA Activities (League/State Competitions): Speech, Solo Music, Dance/Drill, Cheerleading, Choir, Band, and Orchestra events are scheduled beginning the week of April 5, 2021 through May 23, 2021.

    Season 4/Winter Sports: Basketball, Swimming, Wrestling
    First Practice: May 10, 2021
    First Day of Competition: May 17, 2021

    Family ID on line sports registrations will open approximately 2-3 weeks prior to the start date of each season.

    Season 2/Fall Sports:
    Participants will need to again register on Family ID for their chosen Season 2 Fall Sport.  Registrations will be processed soley on line, including confirmation of eligibility.  Contact Directors, Advisors, and Coaches for program-specific information.  Emails can be found on our Team Directory page

    REGISTRATION - Opens February 10th for Season 2/Fall Sports!

    ALL students must go through this procedure in order to be allowed to participate in any season.  You need to register on line once registrations have been opened on FamliyID, approximately 2-3 weeks prior to the start date of each season.  Go to 

    *If you participated in a 2019-2020 sport or in Season 1 this year, you simply need to log into your FamilyID account and choose your sport to sign all agreements.  If you cannot recall your password, contact FamilyID.  Please do not open a new account.  Contact information for FamilyID is posted on their website.

    *If you are new to WHS Athletics, simply create a FamilyID account and then complete all forms.  


    Make sure your physical will still be current by looking at the web list below.  Physicals must be conducted by your physician prior to clearance, or before you can participate in any manner.  Only the OSAA Sports Physical Form is accepted.  The form can be downloaded using the links below.  Physicals are good for 2 years from the date of the exam and can be uploaded directly to your Family ID on-line registration, or emailed to the Athletic Secretary, BJ Cerny.

    Check here to see if your physical is current.  
    Physical form - English
    Physical form - Spanish
    Physical form - other languages
     / under "Forms" tab


    The athletic fee covers all costs for athletics and activities during the school year.  This year the fee will be a one-time flat fee of $100 for any combination of sports seasons or activities including Music and Drama.  You can pay at the high school, or on our on-line Web Store.    Although it looks like an option, FamilyID is not set up for payment of the Athletic Fee.

    Students on Free/Reduced Lunch are waived the Athletic/Activity Fee.  We request that you complete the annual Free & Reduced Application

    We believe everyone should have an opportunity to participate in athletics and activities. Please let us know if you need assistance due to financial hardship. Contact Dennis Burke, Athletic Director, for a confidential conversation at or 503-673-7630.


    ALL STUDENTS who may compete in athletics/activities after Season 1 must have been enrolled in and passing a total of 5 classes combined from Quarters 1 and 2, and currently enrolled in 5 classes combined for Quarters 3 and 4 - even as a senior.

    Please contact Dennis Burke if there are questions concerning elibility. or 503-673-7630.  

    What can take place before the Season 2/Fall Sports Season?

    Off-Season Workouts, or what the OSAA has called "Season One", are allowed to continue through February 21, 2021. Season One generally allows optional training, practices, workouts and even competitions to occur in areas of the state per the Governor’s Office, OHA guidance, and local school district policy.

    Click here for the adjusted 2020-21 OSAA School Activities Calendar.

    As a reminder, the OSAA and it's member schools are bound by the rules, regulations, and guidance set forth by the Governor’s Office and the OHA. The OSAA and schools are not able to waive state mandates or provide exceptions for certain activities or counties in the state.

    For more information regarding OHA Guidelines and reopening go to .  Click on the Reopening Guidance tab on the menu bar.

    Safety Protocols for Season One Activities
    The protocols and procedures have been collaboratively established through the work of district and high school leaders in addition to the WLWV District Leadership Safety Team.  Our staff is committed to each student’s safety, health, and welfare. By taking care of our students, we are also taking care of our community.

    These are some key health and safety protocols that will be in place:

    • Proper Social Distancing and Face Masks requirements.
    • For outdoor workouts, cohorts can now be 20 students and 1 coach.  This limits the exposure of students coming and going from campus.
    • Coaches will only be allowed to work with 1 cohort per day.
    • Contact Tracing: Students and Staff must sign in and check out daily (QR code system), adhering to proper mask portocols and bag/water bottles/equipment spacing.  All to be provided by the student.
    • Students will be allowed up to 90 minutes on campus, this includes a 15-minute check in, 60 minute workout, and 15 minute check out routine.
    • Students use of facilities and restrooms will follow safety guidelines for restricted use by multiple users and frequent sanitization.
    • To maintain the integrity of stable cohorts, students will be restricted from interacting before and after activity sessions. 
    • Due to COVID-19, we must limit the number of people on campuses. Parents/Guardians and visitors/spectators are not allowed on campus for the workouts.  Please remain in your cars for drop off and pickup.

    District leaders and staff will be monitoring safety protocols closely.  Any presumptive or positive case of COVID-19 will be reported to our local health authority and may result immediately in either suspension or closure of the activity.