Related Arts Supply List

  • Rosemont Ridge Middle School Related Arts Supply List 2023-2024

    Related arts teachers will distribute a list of supplies their students will need within the first week of classes each semester. Here are some items to get started with:

    • World Language-French, Spanish and Chinese-a spiral notebook or journal for each student. (Returning 7th and 8th graders can continue with their journals started in 6th grade.) One folder with pockets, eraser, paper, highlighters and ruler for individual use, as well as enough pencils to be supplied on a daily basis.  One box of tissues for classroom use. French will need a 1" 3-ring binder. 
    • Band-instrument and clearly marked case: there will be an a rental night held the second week of school for students who would like to rent or buy instruments-6th grade students are particularly welcome for this event. Students will also need $15 for a band t-shirt (concert attire is the band t-shirt), fees for occasional trips throughout the year (all grades), box of tissues to donate to the band classroom. There will be additional fees for the 8th grade and jazz overnight festival trip-details to follow-feel free to discuss this with the band teacher.
    • Jazz Band-Mr. Moss will give eligible students details about fees and practices (held before school) for this group.
    • Orchestra-instrument, case, bow, shoulder rest for violins and violas, luggage ID tag for your instrument, concert attire (teacher will discuss), $15 for orchestra t-shirt, 1” black 3-ring binder (optional: sheet protectors and dividers), notebook paper and pencils, box of tissues to donate to the classroom, fees for occasional trips throughout the year. Method book for Beginning Orchestra: Essential Elements Book 1 for your instrument. Method book for Advanced Orchestra: Essential Elements Book 2 for your instrument. **A few school owned instruments are available for student use with teacher coordination.
    • Guitar-guitar (acoustic or classical) and case, luggage ID tag, guitar picks, method book Contemporary Class Guitar by Will Schmid, published by Hal Leonard, 1 folder with pockets, notebook paper and pencils, box of tissues to donate to the classroom. Optional supplies: guitar strap, capo, tuner. **A limited number of school guitars available for student use with teacher coordination.
    • Music Exploration-folder with pockets, notebook paper, pencils, box of tissues for the classroom.
    • Choir- 2-pocket folder with center fasteners, 25 sheets of lined paper, box of 12 pencils for communal supplies, one box of tissues to donate to the classroom.
    • Drama-a spiral (hole punched) journal, several highlighter (same color) and a 2" binder
    • Wellness-leggings/shorts of student’s choice, tennis shoes with light soles and a wellness t-shirt. Wellness t-shirts are required and can be purchased for approximately $15 at Hometown Sports in your choice of cotton or dri-fit. Teachers will send home specific details in the first week of the semester. Students are not expected to bring their shirts during the first week of the semester. Gym locker locks will be provided by the school but will be the responsibility of the student.
    • Art-Pencil, eraser, glue stick, scissors, black sharpies (thin and ultra thin), colored pencils (Prismacolor is best).  These supplies are not required, only recommended if a student would like to have their own supplies instead of using the shared/communal supplies provided by the school.