6th Grade Supply List

  • 6th Grade Supply List 2022-2023

    Communal supplies: To be left with the advisory teacher

    2 boxes of tissue

    1 hand-held pencil sharpener

    2  dozen pencils

    2 large erasers

    5 blue or black pens

    4 different colored highlighters

    2 large glue sticks

    1 new pack of 10-12 colored pencils

    2 ULTRA fine and 2 regular tipped black marker (i.e. Flair pen or Sharpie)

    1 package of college ruled notebook paper (at least  100 sheets)


    Personal supplies:

    Headphones or earbuds to be used with your school issued chromebook

    2-inch binder (this will be the main binder that goes around to every class)

    To go inside this binder:

    • 4-6 Folders with pockets (to be used as Homework Folders)
    • 1 pencil pouch with metal grommets
    • 1 hand-held pencil sharpener
    • 3-5 pencils
    • 3-5 blue or black pens
    • 1 pair of school safe scissors
    • 1 - 12” ruler
    • 1 new pack of 10-12 colored markers (optional)
    • Personal unscented hand sanitizer


    • 1-inch binder & 3 dividers (NOTE: this binder will stay in science class)
    • 1 college ruled single subject notebook exclusively for Science

    Social Studies:

    • REQUIRED: 1-inch or 1.5-inch binder with 2 POCKETED dividers (NOTE: this binder will stay in Social Studies)


    Language Arts:

    • 1 spiral notebook
    • 1 red folder


    • a graph ruled math journal will be supplied to each student in September
    • Calculator (TI30X model of some type is preferred-a basic, solar powered model that will last students through gr. 8)

     Spanish Language Arts for Dual Program:

    Individual use: 1 spiral notebook,  handheld pencil sharpener, multi color pack of highlighters, 2 erasers and ruler, 1 pack of sticky notes (3x3)

    **Please label all individual supply items, water bottles and lunch boxes with the student's name.