• "BELL TO BELL"   is the mantra for Advanced  Algebra.  If students fully adopt the bell to bell philosophy, they will stay engaged in the learning process from the moment the first bell rings to start class until the moment the bell rings to end class.  As engaged learners, the students will be able to complete almost all of the "work" associated with this class during the class period.  This being said, however, students should anticipate spending some time outside of class for practice work and concept review.   Advanced  Algebra is a fast paced course that prepares students for more advanced math classes like Trigonometry, Precalculus, AP Statistics, Calculus  A/B, Calculus B/C, and Discrete Math.
    Advanced Algebra Scope and Sequence 
    Semester 1:  Basic Algebra Review including working with linear equations, absolute value equations, linear inequalities all in one variable; linear relations and functions in two variables; linear inequalities in two variables; absolute value functions in two variables; systems of linear equations and inequalities; piecewise functions; quadratic expressions,  functions, and equations; graphing and transformations of  linear functions, absolute value functions, linear inequalities, quadratic functions; problem solving and optimization using linear functions/equations, linear inequalities, and quadratic functions/equations.
    Semester 2: Polynomial expressions and functions, factoring polynomial expressions, operations with polynomial expressions, solving polynomial equations by finding roots and zeros; rational expressions and rational equations; exponential expressions and functions; logarithmic expressions and functions; graping and transforming polynomial, rational, exponential, and logarithmic functions; problem solving using polynomial, rational, exponential, and logarithmic equations.
    Be inquisitive . . . be diligent . . . be kind . . . be engaged  . . .  be mindful.  Everyone and everything counts.