Welcome to Rosemont Ridge Middle School, New Families!

    We are excited to prepare for the new school year with you!

    Some things to do once you have filled out your registration packet:

    -Sign up for weekly emails from Rosemont Ridge Middle School: We are eager to keep you informed of Rosemont happenings! By signing up for emails, you will be in the loop for important school events and stay current with needed information! We aim for a weekly email, and then will sometimes send out an additional stand-alone email to help keep you informed on certain important or time-sensitive topics. We try not to bombard you, so please don’t hesitate to sign up for the recommended distribution lists. This is an OPT-IN system, so it is extremely important to sign up today!

    1. Go to https://listserv.wlwv.k12.or.us/self-service/ and enter your email address. This can be the email address of your choosing, and doesn’t have to be the one that you registered your child with. More than one email address can be entered per household in case more than one parent wants to receive information.
    2. Click on forgot passcode/don’t have a passcode. You will be sent both a link and 4 digit code, so you can proceed in the manner of your choosing.
    3. Once in, you will be shown all the distribution lists for the entire district. This means you can manage your account and include all the WLWV students in your family. We encourage you to sign up for RRMS-Homes and RRMS-20XX (the year of your student’s high school graduation). The office staff can help you figure this out, but for the 2020-2021 school year 6th grade families will want to sign up for RRMS-2027, 7th grade families will want to sign up for RRMS-2026 and 8th grade families will want to sign up for RRMS-2025.

    -Forecast for classes: Go to "For Students" and then Forecasting. Be sure to choose the correct grade. With the year underway, some classes may be full. We do our best to assign your top choices!

    -Access the supply listshttps://www.wlwv.k12.or.us/Domain/1263 There is a different list for each grade level, and a list to consult that covers the related arts classes (art, wellness, choir, band, orchestra, world languages and more).

    -Has your student ever used a combination lock? That’s what we have on our lockers. Practice at home if a lock is accessible to get the hang of the right-left-right pattern! Don’t worry if you can’t find one for practice-we will help you when you get here.

    -Read the Rosemont Ridge Student Handbook to learn about our guiding principles and rules here. When school starts, you will be given a planner that also has this information in it. When updated policies (due to COVID-19) are available, we will post them.