• Welcome to Rosemont Ridge!


    Joining us mid year at Rosemont Ridge Middle School while students are in Hybrid? That means a mix of learning from home and coming to school on certain days for many families. Some families have chosen to remain at home for the remainder of the year. Students in Cohort A come to RRMS on Mondays and Wednesdays. Students in Cohort B come to RRMS on Tuesdays and Thursdays. We alternate Fridays, and Fridays are marked on the RRMS calendar as either A or B.

    Welcome! And here is the basic run-down to get you up to speed and feeling confident!

    Contacting the office: Please reach out with any questions. 

    Alison Steinberg-registrar steinbea@wlwv.k12.or.us

    Bobbi Kelly-principal’s secretary kellyb@wlwv.k12.or.us

    Office number is 503.673.7550 extension 2


    How do students “attend” class on distance learning days?

    We use a lot of Google Classroom and Zoom. To join and enter the Google Classrooms you will need a code for each class. The office will help provide this info to you. You will also need a Rosemont student email address. This usually doesn’t generate till the night before you start, so you might need a phone call from office staff to get you going on your first day. It might take part of the first day to get organized and joined. Please don’t worry if you end up late to class on your first day! Very soon, it will all be second nature and there are many people who care and want you to succeed.

    What do I need to know to attend classes in person?

    If you have never been in the school, don't worry. Students change classrooms as little as possible and have a teacher or para-educator with them when they do. You should come to school with your chromebook or personal device fully charged, and be sure to bring your books/instrument/whatever you will need. Students enter the building through an assigned door with their advisory class to minimize crowding at our entrances. You should arrive between 9:10 and 9:18.  Students enter the building at 9:20.

    1) Students MUST come with their charged chromebook. This is critical. Please help see that your child charges their chromebook every night so it is ready to go to school with them in the morning.

    2) Students will need to bring their backpack with all of the supplies they are using for their three classes each day.

    3) Students should consider putting their chromebook in a plastic bag if they are also putting a water bottle in their backpack.

    4) Students will need to have a coat/jacket as they will be going outside a couple times each day regardless of weather.

    5) Students will need headphones with them at school each day. If they have their own headset, please have them bring it every day. If they do not have a headset, the school will give them one upon arrival to school on their first day.

    6) Lunch is free for all students for the rest of the year. If a student wants to bring their own lunch from home they may, but due to health and safety guidance microwaves will not be used to heat student lunches.

    7) Students are encouraged to bring a water bottle with them each day. Water fountains and water bottle fillers are not accessible due to health and safety guidance.

    How do I find my classes in Google Classroom?

    To get to Google Classroom you can go the RRMS home page. There is a link to Google Drive in the top right hand corner. Click on that, then the “waffle” which is the 9 dots, then the drive, then the blackboard icon to get to Google Classroom. If joining classes for the first time, you will need the classroom codes. These will be given to you as soon as we make a schedule for you. There is a separate Google Classroom for each of your classes at the middle school level. You will click on the big + in the circle in the top right hand corner and then select Join Class. Enter the classroom codes given by the office. The teacher might have already sent you an invitation, which means you will see the classroom already there. Zoom links for each class are kept in the “Classwork” section, not the Stream! Joining classes is something you will do the morning of your first day.

    What do I need to know about Zooming?

    To Zoom successfully each class, you need to make sure you are an authenticated user. For most students, this means using your email address to sign into Zoom each day before you try to use the Zoom link. Here is a handy movie that should help explain how and why: https://screencast-o-matic.com/watch/cYQ20KJZFx

    Student Email address:

    Even though your Rosemont email address doesn’t look like a Google email (have a “gmail” ending) it is! So you will be using it a lot to sign into Google and the Google Drive. The first time you sign in, the pre-set password is P and your 6 digit student ID. Mrs. Steinberg will tell you what this is and it will likely generate overnight before your first scheduled day.


    How do parents and students stay informed of grades and more?

    Parents use a portal called ParentVue and students use a portal called StudentVue. The link for this is on the RRMS home page in the top right hand corner. Lots of helpful things here-messages to you from teachers, grades, schedule and more. Advisory teachers will be encouraging you to sign in and check progress. Your log in is your student email. Try P and the 6 digit ID for your first password. If that doesn’t work smoothly, ask someone in the office to reset it for you. It only takes a minute. Too many unsuccessful attempts to get in will disable your account. Someone in the office can help with that too!


    I might need some technology:

    Need to borrow a Chromebook to be able to Zoom and email and access Google Classroom? No problem. Parents should email or call office staff to arrange this.


    How do I get any school books?

    We will help put together the books you need once we have made a schedule for you. Parents should call the office or email Alison Steinberg to make a plan to pick them up. Once you are a student, library books can be requested for contactless pick up or pick up during the school day. Take a look at the library page of the RRMS website for details.


    How does the schedule work?

    Your schedule during Hybrid/CDL will consist of advisory + 3 classes Monday through Thursday, 9:20 am through 2:50 pm. Fridays are an earlier release, with 3 classes (no advisory) and the day ending at 12:20 pm. We hope you will read and finish up assignments as needed on Friday afternoons. For one half of the quarter you will have math/science/a related arts class and the other half you will have language arts/social studies/a related arts class. While you are in math and science you will participate in extended literacy, and while you are in language arts and social studies, you will participate in extended math opportunities. We hope to keep all your skills sharp while having a manageable amount of classes each day. Advisory is the first part of the day, Monday through Thursday and functions like a home room. Occasionally there will be a special schedule-you will hear about this in advisory and it might also be noted on the school calendar. Check the link on the home page to see meeting times for each class of your day. Lunch is 12:50-1:20 pm.


    Checklist of things the office should give you - some of these items aren’t available till your first day of school:


    -Google classroom codes

    -Student ID

    -RRMS student email


    Please reach out with any questions!

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