August 26-30, 2019

Posted by Gillian Stratton on 8/26/2019


No school for most 7th graders!

Thanks to our Coyote Crew Leaders for helping with the 6th graders.


Welcome my people!

Scavenger Hunt to learn the syllabus, systems, and other students.

The supplies you will need for this class are:

  • A section of a binder for Language Arts exclusively.
  • A journal or spiral notebook.
  • Writing utensils.
  • Your planner. 
  • An independent reading book. 
  • *I would love a donation of hand sanitizer or Kleenex. 


Today we will continue to nurture friendships in this class through activities designed to build community. 

We will complete side 1 of the Scavenger Hunt with our elbow partners, answer questions in table groups, and do whole class activities. 


Today we begin our first graded assignment, the introductory speech, or, "Four Corners Speech." No need to be nervous! You will be with a small group of people and giggling will ensue, trust me. 


Speeches, games, and candy!