• March-June 2020

    Posted by Gillian Stratton on 4/10/2020

    All announcements, assignments, and communication will be done in Google Classroom until further notice. Thanks for your understanding.

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  • Month of October

    Posted by Gillian Stratton on 10/6/2019

    Happy Halloween Month Advisory People!

    We will enjoy the doughnuts we earned at the Coyote Fund Run later this month but thank you to all students who dressed up, who donated money, and who ran so that we could win this yummy treat and help the school. Special shout outs go to Karen C. and Mrs. Retzlaff for ironing the Hydro Flask decals on our shirts and to Brennan, Keller, Carter, Liam, and others who ran many laps so that we could win.

    We will spend the first two weeks of October setting goals for how to have the best year possible at RRMS. We will share our intentions at conferences on Oct. 9th and 10th. Please sign up.

    We will celebrate the Dia de Los Muertes and Halloween towards the end of the month.

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  • Week of Sept 16-20

    Posted by Gillian Stratton on 9/13/2019

    Congratulations Alessandra and Keller, our Advisory class's student representatives on VOTS! The vote was split almost evenly with 6 students unable to vote and so we are promoting both of these amazing student leaders. If we didn't think they both had the potential to lead our school and our students, we would not have made this decision, but they are both terrific.



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  • Week of Sept 9-13

    Posted by Gillian Stratton on 9/13/2019

    We have two Advisory Meetings this week and lots to talk about.

    The essential things to know and keep in mind are these:

         1. You need to have at least 3 items of importance (such as due dates, test dates, and birthdays) in your planner every week to earn full credit. 

         2. We need 1-2 student representatives in the student council (VOTS). Applications and essays are due on Friday when we will have elections.

         3. Coyote Fund Run is on Sept 25. It is the biggest fundraiser of the year and we need all students to participate. Please get donations of $1 or more.

         4. On Friday we will decide on our costume theme for the Fund Run. Bring your good ideas to class and be prepared to explain them.


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  • Week of Sept. 2

    Posted by Gillian Stratton on 9/4/2019

    Happy second week of 7th grade my good people. I have already identified that this could quite possibly be the best ever Advisory class in my history of teaching. Can you feel it too? What a lovely group we are.

    This week we will meet only Tuesday and our primary focus is on announcements, learning the fire drill expectations, getting school pictures done, collecting tech contracts, and creating a safe, joyful, and inclusive environment.

    Pictures Thursday. All students take one, but whether you purchase them or not is up to your family.

    Tech contracts due now. If you lost yours, pick up another one from me or the office.

    Have a lovely week! 

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  • Week August 26-31

    Posted by Gillian Stratton on 8/27/2019


    Hi Advisory People! I am so glad to meet you!

    The purpose of Advisory is to...

    ...deliver school information such as announcements.

    ...create protocols for emergencies, assemblies, field trips, conferences, picture day, etc.

    ...provide academic support during homework time, grade checks, testing make-ups, conferences, etc.

    ...provide support in organization with planners, calendars, etc.

    ...build community within our class, house, school, and city.

    We will hand out planners. 


    Today we will learn how to line up for a fire drill or other evacuation.

    We will hold our first circle meeting and learn or be reminded of what to do to create an amazing circle experience.

    We will play a fun circle game. 


    We will go over the planners more closely, paying attention to key dates and policy changes.

    Today we will hand out VOTS applications.

    We will also discuss and sign tech contracts.

    We will practice our fire line with a fun activity.


    We will practice the expectations of assembly behavior and clap in the 6th graders.




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