Month of October

Posted by Gillian Stratton on 10/6/2019

Happy Halloween Month Advisory People!

We will enjoy the doughnuts we earned at the Coyote Fund Run later this month but thank you to all students who dressed up, who donated money, and who ran so that we could win this yummy treat and help the school. Special shout outs go to Karen C. and Mrs. Retzlaff for ironing the Hydro Flask decals on our shirts and to Brennan, Keller, Carter, Liam, and others who ran many laps so that we could win.

We will spend the first two weeks of October setting goals for how to have the best year possible at RRMS. We will share our intentions at conferences on Oct. 9th and 10th. Please sign up.

We will celebrate the Dia de Los Muertes and Halloween towards the end of the month.