Week of Sept. 9-13

Posted by Gillian Stratton on 9/6/2019

Hi Friends! Use this link to access a website full of Lists of books for middle schoolers . There are lists of every kind, from romance to action, realistic fiction, fantasy, and even a list of books with beverages on the cover! Take a look at the list any time you need a good book (which is all the time), and make your own wish list. 

This week we will be taking the MAP (Measurement of Academic Progress) test in reading to get a baseline idea of our reading skills, where we are strong and where we need to build our skills. It is a low stakes measurement that is not graded but will be used to guide our decisions around reading.

When you are done with the MAP test, you will finish and polish your Childhood Story narrative, paying close attention to writing techniques such as lists  with commas, using proper nouns (names) for specifics, adding alliteration and hyperbole.

Also, you will have time to read your independent reading book after the test, so, be sure to bring it to class every day. This week we will introduce the 7th grade independent reading program, which is a class favorite. The entire 7th grade class will be using the same program. Donuts are involved.