September 16-20

Posted by Gillian Stratton on 9/6/2019

This week we will start two new units:

     1. The 7th Grade Reading Program will start on Monday with an explanation by the teacher, the exploration of the daily "bookmark," and a run through of what students can expect in terms of SSR (Silent Sustained Reading in class), discussion protocols, and reading responses. Students will be given their first "bookmark" which is a graded assignment and requires parent signatures.

     2, We will also start our first novel unit on the book, "All the Broken Pieces" by Ann Berg. We will start by getting a foundation on the Vietnam War. We will do a "gallery walk" of images from that time period and the conflict, read articles, watch a short video and on Friday we will check out the novel and start reading. 


Important dates to remember are Monday, when the Childhood Narrative is due in Google Classroom, and Friday when we check our our new books.

Students need to be sure to bring their independent reading books on Monday, Wednesday, and Friday this week and all weeks.