• Welcome to Rosemont Ridge Middle School!
    The registrar, Alison Steinberg, will be happy to answer any questions you may have.
    You can reach her by email at steinbea@wlwv.k12.or.us or by phone at 503.673.7550 x7551. 
    The Registration Forms page has links to all the forms you will need to register your child. If the school office is not open for regular hours (due to COVID-19) and accessing the link is not convenient for you, please email Alison at the address above to inquire about a way to get registration materials in a safe and convenient manner.
    IMPORTANT: When you submit your paperwork, be sure to also include the following two items:
       1. Your child's birth certificate or passport-we will make a photocopy for their records. 
       2. Proof of residence address-some examples include a recent utility bill or rental agreement. Feel free to blot out any sensitive information, leaving the name and address visible. For a list of district approved dcouments, click here.
    Once your child is registered, you and your student will have the opportunity to forecast for classes for the upcoming school year.
    When the school year is underway, you will be able to access FamilyLink, which will give you access to your child's profile. FamilyLink will give you information about grades, schedule, test scores, attendance and much more. Please stay tuned for instructions on accessing this portal in the August Mailing.
    You will want to sign up for the Listserv. Rosemont Ridge does not regularly share iinformation in a paper format. You will need to be on 2 lists for your Rosemont student: the general RRMS-All Homes  list as well as the specific year of your child's high school graduation (RRMS-20XX). For the 2020-2021 school year, 6th grade families should sign up for RRMS-2027, 7th grade families should sign up for RRMS-2026, and 8th grade families should sign up for RRMS-2025. You will be able to manage your subscription(s) for all children attending WLWV schools from this link. These (appoximately) weekly emails will keep you informed with school matters.
    Please read the "Welcome Letter and RRMS Policies Overview" page for a helpful overview of Rosemont Coyote life! Parents will receive a mailing in late August with more detailed information that will get families ready for the school year.