8th Grade Choir
    SSB Practice Tracks

     Quotes from RRMS students:
    "Music is life, not a hallway."
    "Music…create and sing when inspired."
    Music leads me through my life."

     8th Grade Year-Long Choir.  A singing experience for students with a desire to take their music to the next level.
    Visit the choir calendar for up-to-date information regarding concerts. 
    Academic Skills: 
    •  Music Terminology
    •  Vocal folds & how they work
    •  Rhythm notation
    •  Sight reading
    •  Reading an Octavo
    • Analyzing/Rating music
    • Writing about music
    • Reading about music
    Performance Skills:
    •  Large group performance skills
    •  Small group performance skills
    •  Individual performance skills
    •  Team building and trust
    •  Breath control
    •  Proper vocalization
    •  Changing voices
    •  Vowel production
    •  Part singing- Soprano, Alto, Tenor, Bass
    •  Preparation for a final concert