AP Biology

  • Big Idea #4 Assignments, Links, & Downloads Mr. Schuster's Notes

    Week 1

    Welcome to AP Biology!


    Getting Oriented

    In Class

    1. Getting oriented, introductions
    2. Review & Submit Summer Assignment 2018-19 
    3. Assignments will be due on Tuesdays (at least that's the current idea)
    4. Discuss and Record: List the 7 Characteristics of Life? More or fewer?
    5. Which among the characteristics of life is the most defining?
    6. If you have an excused absence, how do you make up the work?
    7. Heads up! Your first exam essay is about the properties of water. Now you know.
    8. Argue that reproduction is the most significant characteristic of life. Argue that fire is alive.
    9. What are the 7+1 Themes of Biology? What is the theme of ANY biology class? What makes thematic learning a powerful learning strategy?
    10. Overview of biology's 4 Big Ideas. What should they be?
    11. At which of the 10 levels of Biological Organization does evolution occur?
    12. Take your Summer Assignment Exam Friday


    Items to photocopy:

    Suffixes reference sheet

    Assumptions of Darwin & Quiz*

    Student Information Sheet

    Law, Hypothesis, Theory

    Section 1.1 Overview & Approaches to Biology*

    Detecting Patterns in Science words

    Late work passes

    Periodic table

    Study Cycle

    Chapters 1, 2, & 3 Exam

       *front and back

    At Home

    1. Review for your exam on Friday. Topics include:

      ·   Chapter 1: Introduction: Themes in the Study of Life,

      ·   Chapter 2: The Chemical Context of Life,

      ·   Chapter 3: Water and Life, &

      ·   Chapter 52: An Introduction to Ecology and the Biosphere




    Big Idea #4 Assignments, Links, & Downloads

    Week 2

    Quantitative Skills


    Evolution and the Origin of Life

    In Class

    1. The Sig Figs are Coming!
    2. There are 153 Learning Objectives for this course
    3. The 4 Big Ideas in AP Biology Prezi
    4. The AP Exam Formulae Sheet
    5. AP Biology Exam FRQ Command Terms
    6. How to Read a Table or Graph

    At Home

    1. Watch/Practice/Understand Bozemanscience Standard Deviation






    Course Sequence: Connecionst to each big idea

    1. Evolution, origin of life
    2. Biochem REDOX
    3. Cells and cell signaling + Nervous, endochrine + Immune
    4. CR and PS
    5. Genetics
    6. Molecular bio: Operons and biotech
    7. Physiology (covered by #3)
    8. Ecology with emphasis on populations