• Unit 4: Hairs & Fibers

    Unit Four Objectives
    Unit 4 Exam Revirew


    Notes 4.1 Fiber Evidence Hair
    Notes 4.2 Hair Analysis
    Notes 4.3 Species Identification by Hair
    Notes 4.4 Fiber Analysis fabrics
    Scanning Electron Micrographs of Animal Hair


    Hair Guided Reading 4.1 Article
    Hair Guided Reading Questions 4.1

    Fibers Guided Reading Questions and Article 4.2 Fibers



    Lab 4.1 Microscopy:

    30s Microscope_focus
    Microscope Use
    Microscopy Drawing Practice

     Lab 4.2 Personal Hair Profile

    Lab 4.3 Species Identification

    Lab 4.4 FabricWeaveData

    Lab 4.5 Chemical Identification of Fibers:

    Lab 4.5 Fabric ID Data Table
    Fiber ID Lab Student Version