• Unit 1: Crime Scene Analysis

    Unit 1 Objectives
    Unit One Exam Review

    Introductory Activities:

    The Deadly Picnic
    Park Lane Affair


    Guided Reading Chapter 2

    Historic Case Internet Research



    Forensic Measurements:

    1. Measurement Lab 2010
    2. SI_units_Reference Sheet&why metric
    >3. Study Guide Using Metric Measurement

    Post Mortem Interval:

    1. HowLongHaveIBeenDead?
    2. Stages of Decay WebQuest

    Three Simultaneous Mini Projects:

    Three Simultaneous Crime Scene Projects Overview

    1_Crime Scene Sketch
    2_Crime Scene Planning
    3_Project Crime Scene Analysis


    1. Entomology Lab Background
    2. Entomology lab


    Caliper Use
    Notes 1.1 Measuring Evidence
    Notes 1.2 Introduction to Evidence
    Notes 1.3 Evidence at the Crime Scene
    Notes 1.4 Narrative Notes & Photography
    Notes 1.5 Crime Scene Sketching