• Labs

    Enzyme Labs

    Bromelain Pineapple

    Enzyme Activity_Investigation_13


    DNA Extraction Labs

    Your Genes-in-a-Bottle Necklace

    Chemical Testing of DNA

    Osmosis and Diffusion Labs

    Cell Size and Diffusion Rates

    Osmosis and Diffusion (print the three below as well)

    Lab Summary and Modifications
    Plasmolysis of Elodea Cells
    Plasmolysis of Onion Cells

    AP Lab #6: Cellular Respiration

    Cell Respiration Idealized Data you can use to graph and to analyze

    AP Lab #12: Animal Behavior Investigation

    AP Lab #5:Photosynthesis Labs:

    Rate of Photosynthesis by Floating Disk Method

    Gel Electrophoresis Lab

    Idealized Data for Crime Gel Electrophoresis
    Gel Electrophoresis Practice #1

     AP Lab #3: BLAST Lab

     Lab links:

    Gene Files: data files link  [Instructions are found on that link and on page S45]
    BLAST Homepage:    http://blast.ncbi.nlm.nih.gov/Blast.cgi
    Entrez Gene website: 

    For Downloading & Printing:

    BLAST Lab – Student Version
    BLAST Worksheet to Accompany Lab #3

     AP Lab #2: Mathematical Modeling Hardy-Weinberg:

    Lab #2: Math Modeling Hardy Weinberg
    H-W Math Modeling PowerPoint  to walk you through the lab (untested)

    Lab #11: Transpiration

    Transpiration Lab
    Transpiration Lab Check List