Applying to College

  • Each fall, the counseling team visits senior English classrooms to discuss planning for life after high school.  The outline that is utilized as a jumping off point can be found here.

    Utilizing Naviance 

    Students applying to four-year colleges and universities must request transcripts and letters of recommendation through Naviance.

    1. Click on Colleges
    2. By clicking on the pink plus sign, you can add colleges to the list that you are thinking about or applying to.
    3. After you add the college to your list, you will request transcripts.
    4. If a teacher recommendation is needed, click on ‘add/cancel requests’ under Teacher Recommendations.  Find teacher name and write a note to the teacher with the name of the colleges for which you need letters.
    5. Be sure to complete a Senior Autobiography and hand-deliver to the teacher who will write your letters.

    Letters of Recommendation

    Many colleges and universities require letters of recommendation for admission.  The two most common types are teacher and counselor recommendations.

    To request a recommendation, students should provide the teacher and/or counselor with three weeks notice and a Senior Autobiography.  Students should complete the Senior Autobiography, print it, and give it to their  teacher.

    Common Application

    The Common Application is the recommended form of nearly 900 selective, independent colleges and universities for admission to their undergraduate programs. Many of these institutions use the form exclusively. All give equal consideration to the Common Application and the college’s own form. The concept is simple:  Students complete one Common Application, which is sent to all participating schools to which the student is applying. The procedure simplifies the college application process and eliminates duplication of effort.