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    Dual Credit programs offer high school students the opportunity to earn college and high school credit simultaneously before they receive their high school diploma. Benefits of the program: 

    • Enhances the ability and skills to do college-level work and aids students in gaining confidence for college success
    • Students may earn enough credit to gain advanced standing when admitted to college full-time and are entitled to register earlier for classes
    • Save money by receiving free or reduced cost college credit and shorten the amount of time, after high school, required to complete at college
    • Credits are transferable to all college/universities within the Oregon University System and many other institutions outside the state
    • Students entering the military may earn higher rank with earned college credit
    • Research shows Dual Credit students are more likely to finish college and earn more credits by the 2nd year of college


    Clackamas Community College Advanced College Credit (ACC)

    As a school within the Clackamas Community College service area, CCC provides the bulk of WHS dual credit opportunities. Students must register once or twice a year (October and/or April), depending on the course. WHS staff work with CCC to provide the registration information and assistance. Courses cost $10 per credit. Fee waivers are available for those who qualify for Free or Reduced Lunch (see Teri Willard or your school counselor). Current courses for which students may receive credit:

    French III & IV
    Spanish III & IV
    Discrete Math B
    AP Language & Composition
    AP English Literature & Composition
    Graphic Arts II 
    AP Stats
    AP 2D Art & Design
    Art 4: Advanced Art Studio
    Journalism 3-4


    Portland Community College Dual Credit

    PCC provides one course with enrolled students registering once a year (in November). WHS staff work with PCC to provide registration information and assistance.  This course is free of charge for those who register. 

    Spanish Language & Literature 1


    Oregon Tech Dual Credit

    Oregon Tech (OIT) provides two courses for which students may receive dual credit. Students must register twice during the course of the year (September and  March) in order to receive credit for a full year of each course below. WHS staff work with OIT to provide registration information and assistance. These courses have a fee of $100 for each semester. Fee waivers are available for these courses for those that qualify.

    AP Chemistry
    AP Physics I
    Anatomy & Physiology 1 & 2
    AP Environmental Science