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    My name is Marianna Garvey and this is my ninth year teaching visual arts at WLHS. This year I am teaching Ceramics I, Ceramics II, and AP 3D Art & Design. In each of these courses students will be investigating, skill building, problem solving, and learning through experience all the while making awesome artwork! 
    Most of our work will be done IN CLASS (in person!), however, if a student needs to stay home for an extended period due to Quarantine or illness, materials can be found on Google Classroom Pages. Please find individual Classroom codes below. Students need to communicate with the instructor if they will be gone for an extended amount of time!
    Google Classroom Codes
    Period 2, Ceramics I = ozlokkc
    Period 3, Ceramics II = 6zkrval
    Period 4, AP 3D Art & Design = 65gk2go
    Period 5, Ceramics II = su7kh4u
    Period 6, Ceramics I = 3ytsqlm
    Please do not hesitate to email me with any questions, concerns, thoughts, or great ideas.
    Phone: 503-673-7815 x 4924