Welcome to 2D Art Classes 2023-24!

                                                               room 704 (700 building, between main building and football field)

    A DAY:

    Period 1: Art 1/2   Google Code: prazset

    Period 2: Prep period

    Period 3: Art 1/2  Google Code: hpgdjfp

    Period 4: 3/4  Google Code: h67dhng


    B DAY:

    Period 5: AP Studio Art 2D (drawing/painting) Google Code: vt3r6wz

    Period 6: Prep period

    Period 7: Art 3/4  Google Code: aqkacir

    Period 8: Art 1/2  Google Code: zpzvoik

                                      SAFETY CONTRACT 2023-24                                         



    Contact Me:   email: gauthied@wlwv.k12.or.us 

                                                                                                                      phone: 503-673-7815 x 4845

    National Art Honor Society Chapter 2356 meets the second Wednesday of the month, lunch time, room 704.

                                  See me if you are interested in applying to be a member. Membership will close at the October 11th meeting.

    Art Club and Fiber Arts Club meet every Monday at lunch, room 704,
    just come! 
     Me in the red cap! My first time whitewater rafting on the Deschutes River!    
                                                                         Rafting the Deschutes River  (I'm front left with red cap)
    one of my paintings This is a painting of the hills surrounding the ancient village of Schneckenhausen (literally 'Snail's Home') Germany. Our oldest daughter and family lived there for a few years and these hills were a great inspiration to me.
    My family
    Here is the whole family! We have four children and six grandchildren to date!