• English 12

    This course offers an intensive language arts course for seniors. The curriculum for English 12 has been designed to combine traditional canonical works, contemporary titles and mass media to promote reading comprehension and analytical skills for college preparation and career readiness. In this course students will examine authors and literary works from a social, historical, and cultural perspective. Students will analyze, discuss, write, and speak about the literature they study in many different ways. Essential questions for this course include: What is the essence of human nature? Where is the hope? Does it have to be real to be true? Where does integrity come from? How does self awareness open our eyes to the need for family and community?

    This year will be one of significant and far-reaching change for each student in this class. Therefore, we will use the texts, assignments, and conversations this year to set a context for the concept of “home,” how it is defined, how it is created, how it can change, and eventually, how it can be left for a new one. 

    Julian - English 12 Syllabus