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    J. Glenn Krake. 

    PHONE: 503-673-7814 x4884 
    COURSES: Introduction to Media, Yearbook, Creative Writing, Journalism
    This year, 2022-2023 is my 16th year at West Linn High School, and my 20th year teaching overall. I currently oversee the Career and Technical Education (CTE) Journalism program by advising student publications (Yearbook, wlhsNOW.com, Broadcast and Journalism, Kaleidoscope Literary Magazine), but have taught many other classes in my career. I started as an English Teacher (have taught all levels - 8th through 12th grade) though I have taught Social Studies, Government/Econ and even Film Studies!
    I completed my undergraduate work at Biola University in Southern California where I studied English Education. I then earned a Masters Degree in Secondary Education from the University of Phoenix while teaching full-time in Grapevine, Texas (ask me about my Texas adventures sometime - particularly the one where I met my wife, Shatrine). My travels and experiences in media and arts has also given me many experiences in the field of freelance production and publication. I like to lean into some of my radio background as well from time to time as public address announcer.
    My daughter Audrey is a freshman at WLHS and my son Max is in 3rd grade at Bolton. Our youngest is a pup, June Carter Cash (she's a COVID-puppy we rescued and if you walk anywhere around the Bolton neighborhood, chances are she's "greeted" you with a bark). Some of you may also be lucky enough to meet my wife Shatrine, as she makes appearances now and again to lend her expertise as a professional freelance graphic designer where she also serves as the Executive Director of the West Linn Chamber of Commerce. 
    Find the Truth / Find the Lie / Find the Red Herring(s)

    Birthday: October 5, 19-- (can you guess?) 
    Number of US States visited: 4, 18, 40, 48
    If I could live anywhere I've visited: Portland, OR / San Diego, CA / Boston, MA 
    Favorite Films: Back to the Future, 42 - The Jackie Robinson Story, Home Alone, Godfather
    Last Movie Watched: probably one of these: a true crime documentary, a based on a true-story dramedy, a kids movie I got roped into
    Favorite Book: Brother's Karamazov, The Great Gatsby, In Cold Blood
    Last Published Writing: something for NaNoWriMo, something for my wordpress blog, something for C-JET magazine, something freelance for a music website.
    Best Album: Beach Boys: "Pet Sounds" / Beatles: "Abbey Road" / Frank Ocean: "Blonde" / Lauren Hill: "The Miseducation of..."
    Last Album Purchased: probably one of these: 60s pop, Indie/Alt Rock, Country and Western, Soul, Hard Bop 
    Last TV Show watched: Jeopardy, Dancing with the Stars, Some irreverant comedy, [Insert a Holiday] Baking Challenge. 
    Favorite Hobby: Fantasy Baseball, Crafting, Crocheting, Playing Guitar
    Place I'm Happiest: (Other than "with my family," "in a classroom," or "at Dodger Stadium"): on a kayak, on a dance floor, on a stage
    Krake's Best Story: How he met his wife, how he infamously ruined his college's homecoming tradition, his 'most embarrassing moment' story, how he got his high school newspaper to print a giant chicken on the front page.