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    J. Glenn Krake. 

    PHONE: 503-673-7814 x4884 
    COURSES: Yearbook, Journalism, Creative Writing,  English 10, Broadcast Journalism, LIVE Video Production 
    This year, 2019-2020 is my 13th year at West Linn High School, and my 17th year teaching overall. Having taught all levels of English from 8th grade to 12th, I am excited to be teaching English 10 as my sole English class in addition to my duties as adviser of the award-winning Green & Gold Yearbook Staff and the nationally recognized Broadcast and Journalism Programs. I'm also looking forward to coaching writers in Creative Writing and advising the nationally ranked arts and literature magazine, the Kaleidoscope. I completed my undergraduate work at Biola University in Southern California where I studied English Education. I then earned a Masters Degree in Secondary Education from the University of Phoenix while teaching full-time in Grapevine, Texas (ask me about my Texas adventures sometime - particularly the one where I met my wife, Shatrine).
    My daughter Audrey is in middle school and our son Max is starting Kindergarten this year. Our oldest kiddo: Johnny Cash is a 12-year-old lab mix. Some of you in my journalism classes may also be lucky enough to meet my wife Shatrine, as she makes appearances now and again to lend her expertise as a professional freelance graphic designer. 

    Birthday: October 5, 19-- (can you guess?)
    Number of US States visited: 40
    If I could live anywhere I've visited: Portland, OR (San Diego is a close second) 
    Favorite Films: Back to the Future, Godfather, Any "Based on a True Story" film like 42, In Cold Blood, Man on the Moon, etc
    Last Movie Watched: probably a true crime documentary on Netflix
    Favorite Book: Brother's Karamazov, The Great Gatsby
    Currently Writing: Still playing with a memoir on how baseball has shaped me. Sketching ideas for a project: "100 albums I want my kids to hear when they get old enough to appreciate it." 
    Favorite Musicians: Beach Boys, Charles Mingus, Beck, Beatles
    Last Album Purchased: Probably some used 60s vinyl from the vintage shop in OC
    TV Shows: Stranger Things, anything binge-watchable on Netflix
    Hobbies: Fantasy Baseball, Real Baseball (Go Dodgers!), Crocheting, Playing Guitar (ask me about my instruments!)
    Place I'm Happiest: (Other than "with my family," "in a classroom," or "at Dodger Stadium"): on a swing-dancing floor.
    Favorite story to tell: Either how my wife & I met, OR my college homecoming "BAB" story. I have a pretty good "most embarrassing moment' story as well.