Welcome to the 2022-2023 school year at West Linn High School. My name is Mr.Brown and I was born and raised in Northern California in the city of Eureka, which allowed me to enjoy beautiful coastal beaches and unique redwood forests. I received my higher education from Humboldt State University where I graduated top in my major. I have a passion for the Social Sciences and for education that can only be truly utilized through teaching. I am a lifelong learner who is excited to bring the Social Sciences alive for my students while helping them develop the skills necessary to become active citizens in our ever-changing globalized world. 
    Please join google classroom for all information and materials pertaining to your class.
    Let's Have a Great Year in A201! Go LIONS!

    Semester 1 Classes Google Classroom Codes:


    Period 1 Civics:       ljccxt2



    Period 3 Civics:       n57blod


    Period 4 World History:          rftkkuf


    Period 5 World History:          sm2w55h


    Period 6 AP Human Geography:   ytcmxwx

    Contact Information:
    Email- brownt2@wlwv.k12.or.us 
    Phone- 503-673-7815(x-4869)
    Office Hours- By Appointment for either before or after school