Playing Hockey Welcome!

    I'm excited to be teaching Computer Science and Engineering at West Linn High School.  This year I will be teaching AP computer science, CAD, Engineering and robotics.  This site will  be updated frequently so check back often.  If you need to get in touch with me please email first as this will be most effective.  
    About Me:
    I have been a resident of West Linn for the last twelve years and I'm proud to be a part of the community at WLHS. 

    Beyond being a husband, father and teacher, I enjoy coaching soccer, playing ice hockey and spending time outdoors hiking or climbing big mountains.  I find a passion in challenging myself on a regular basis as well as finding ways to challenge those around me.

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    Videos to post in your Google Classroom or share over Zoom

    1-minute trailer


    Jack Andraka Pancreatic Cancer

    10 minutes long, feels like a classroom pitch well suited for



    Heat Powered Flashlight

    11 minutes, feels like a classroom pitch, for non-freshmen

    EdPuzzle allows you to overlay interactive questions and notes over existing videos. These are our two 10-minute recruitment videos with prompts embedded. Great for Google Classroom!


    Jack Andraka Pancreatic Cancer


    Ann Makosinski Heat Powered Flashlight