• Welcome!  I am excited that you are part of one of my classes this year at West Linn High.  I feel that each student is unique and has something meaningful to contribute to my class. I look forward to getting to know you more as the school year progresses.  Please feel free to browse my web-page to get to know me better and to learn more about my classes.      

    I am a teacher because I love working with students and making a positive impact on their lives.  I have taught at West Linn High School for twelve years and also taught high school math in California. My prior experience included running my own after-school program as well as spear-heading a nation-wide public relations campaign on an issue related to children.  I have three children of my own who are a delight to me.  My twins are both sophomores in college and I have an older son who has graduated.  I enjoy motorcycle riding and finding new places to eat. This summer I rode over 15,000 miles through 27 states on my bike. I ride a 2018 Harley Davidson Softail Slim.

    It is important to me to live and teach in the same city because I enjoy making extended connections in the community.  I may see you when I am grocery shopping, attending church, out to eat, or walking around West Linn. You may also see my driving down the road on my 2018 Harley Davidson softail slim. I have ridden over 45,000 miles on my own motorcycle the last two years and have a blog of my motorcycle adventures. If you see me when you are out and about, please be sure to say "hello!" 

    I believe that students are much more able to understand, remember, and apply math concepts when information has been presented in an interesting, engaging, and meaningful manner.  I also believe students learn best when they know their teacher cares about them as a person and values their individual input. I encourage all students to actively participate every day. I foster a positive learning environment where questions are encouraged. My lessons emphasize the relevance of what we are learning and how we will be applying that information. To help students of all different strengths and abilities do their best, I use a variety of teaching styles, encourage students to work together, facilitate daily reviews, and closely align my lessons with my tests.