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    My name is Andy West and I teach English 11 and AP Literature 12 here at West Linn High School.  I've been teaching high school literature and, more generally, a love for art since forever.  Originally from Cincinnati, Ohio, my wife (an English teacher at Wilsonville HS) and I moved to Oregon in 1999, motivated by our love of the outdoors.  My family and I bike, hike, fish, camp, etc.  I typically bike-commute to school, and am an avid antique collector (and dealer).  A couple summers ago, I biked to San Francisco, buying Native American pottery along the way and carrying it with me.  I think it's interesting that two of my passions--pottery and poetry--are spelled so similarly.  I like to say, 'Let's go!'


    Here's a few photos of me and my family.  Contact info is at the bottom of the page.


    Let's go!



    Me and my family at the Oregon coast


    Big Sur waterfall


    lake St. Mary, Montana.


    Contact me at:   WestA@wlwv.k12.or.us