• Class of 1993
     Chad Alford       Chad Alford     paw print     Vancouver, WA      paw print       c.alfson@comcast.net
     F-15 Alert Crew Chief 
     I got married in college to my best friend, Marnee.  We have 2 kids, Wade - 9 and Makenna - 6 (as of 2005).  I was in the Air Force for 4 years stationed in Texas and Arizona and now we live in Vancouver and I work for the Oregon Air National Guard as an aircraft mechanic. 

    Alyssa (Avery) Schiller   Alyssa (Avery) Schiller  paw print   Pendleton, OR  paw print   alyssaschiller@hotmail.com
     Business owner 
     I moved to Eastern Oregon & got married to Heath right out of high school.  So it has been almost 15 yrs now....we have 3 children- Whitley (12), Troy (9) & Dean (5).  We started our own construction business 13 yrs ago, and I have been managing it ever since.  I battled breast cancer 3 yrs ago & won!  I'm active in raising funds & awareness for the Young Survivor Coalition- through Amazonheart.org.  I ride my Harley every chance I get, and just enjoy every day. 
     Favorite memory:  I still see & talk to my best buds (Angela Alt & Carrie Christensen) every day!!
    Amy Barkus     Amy Barkus      paw print      Tigard, OR      paw print        tyche42@yahoo.com
     Restaurant Manager
                        paw print                    Allen Bartel  paw print  San Marcos, CA (Northern San Diego) paw print   bartelallen2@hotmail.com
     Student (Again)
     I joined the Marine Corps in 1995 and spent 5 1/2 years in the Corps until injuries allowed me to unfortunately receive a Medical Discharge in June '01. I was in a serious relationship with an older gal and we have a 4 1/2 y/o son together which is what is still keeping me in the San Diego area. Because of my injuries, I am getting Vocational Rehabilitation Training from Veterans Affairs.
     Favorite Memory: The friendship of everyone... accepting me for the time I was there just the way I was. The second is sports. I will never forget that year, sharing a winning season with Guy P, Ryan Barnes, Ryan Ikebe and the whole team which I remember almost everyone's name, but definitely everyone's face. If anyone does read this, know that you will be in my heart and life forever.
    Feel free to e-mail me, as I would love to hear from ppl, especially about the reunion which unfortunately a medical surgery kept me from attending. 
     Brian Benjamin    Brian Benjamin   paw print   West Linn, OR  paw print   brian.a.benjamin@gmail.com
     Real estate agent
                  paw print                    Becky Bergman      paw print         Beckyrb@penwool.com
    Kassandra (Boettcher) Pankey        Kassandra (Boettcher) Pankey     paw print      Woodburn, OR    paw print   
     Kaiser Administrator 
                   paw print                                  Barbra (Boyen) Littrell      paw print      Portland, OR      paw print      Barbra.Littrell@nike.com  
     Project Lead, Corporate Audit
                    paw print                               Melody (Buck) Forsyth       paw print       Santa Teresa, NM     paw print      melodyforsyth@gmail.com
     Registered nurse
    Karin (Burkhead) Allen          Karin (Burkhead) Allen     paw print      Kuna, ID      paw print       allens@msn.com
                   paw print                            Liberty (Burlingame) Smith   paw print    Chicacoland , Illinois   paw print    libfrank@comcast.net
     Married, have  two beautiful children
     Karen (Burton) Eitschberger       Karen (Burton) Eitschberger    paw print      Hillsboro, OR    paw print       karen@1bzymom.com
     Technical Support
     Have 2 girls: Julianna & Allison. Busy working and enjoying my time with my girls!
     Favorite memory:  Most of my memories are with the chamber and girls choir.  It was great traveling to Victoria, BC with the chamber choir.
     Melissa (Busby) Lowery        Melissa (Busby) Lowery    paw print      Upland, CA      paw print        melisa503@cs.com
     Medical Assistant, and mother
     Work, marriage, and motherhood!
    I'd like to find other people in my class and class of '92.
                  paw print                     Matthew Cameron    paw print     Milwaukie, OR  paw print    matthewcameron8312@yahoo.com
                  paw print                Kim (Crawford) Delker        paw print      Canby, OR      paw print         kadleker@aol.com
     Sales/Customer Service
     Started out by going to PSU for two whole days before I became ill, with a weird form of cancer. Had chemotherapy for four months, and everything has been fine since. I have been married for almost eight years now. I have two kids, Katelyn (Katie) will be five in May and Kassidy (Kassie) was born in October. I have been with my job since June of 1994 and started out in the packaging department and slowly moved my way up. Wow I can't believe it has been almost 10 years since high school. Can't wait for the reunion.
    Skipping class, and having many fun adventures :)
                 paw print                   Jonathan Darrah        paw print         simantic@msn.com
     Christa Deets       Christa Deets       paw print       Denver, CO         paw print        christadeets@hotmail.com
     Computer Technician
                   paw print                    Erin Drogin          paw print           Beaverton, OR       paw print          erindrogin@gmail.com
     Shoe collector
     Since graduating, I've had 3 great kids, a son and 2 daughters (the oldest is in high school herself)--and currently spend my time w/ my kids and a fellow WLHS grad, Steve (class of 90).
    Favorite memory:  Victoria--Sticky Wicket . . . and somewhere in front of a hotel . . . 
    I'm on Facebook. 
                    paw print                      Aaron Egland       paw print           West Linn, OR         paw print        aaron.egland@nike.com
    Dorothy (Eitschberger) Schmidt    Dorothy (Eitschberger) Schmidt    paw print    Frankenberg, Hessen, Germany   paw print
     Tax Accountant Assistant 
     Personal Web Page: www.logo-kaffee-systeme.de
     I attended WLHS in 1991/1992 as a junior exchange student. Back in Germany, I finished school and became a tax accountant. Now, married since 1997, we have a boy (3 yrs.) and a girl (1 1/2 yrs.). I now am a working-in-our office stay at home mom.
     I look for more friends from the WLHS-time in 1991-1992, since we plan on visiting Oregon in 2003.
    The dances were fun!!  Homecoming, winter, etc.  Well, I missed prom.  
     Cindy (Emmons) Brehl         Cindy (Emmons) Brehl    paw print     Hamminkeln-Dingden, Germany      paw print  CSBrehl@aol.com
     After high school (the short-short version): I went to college in Oregon and during that time I met my husband, traveled around Europe and moved to Germany and got married.  I finished college in Germany and worked at an international logistics company clearing customs/excise taxes.
     I have a beautiful daughter, Helene Margaret, (born  12-30-01) and am still enjoying maternity leave (it lasts 3 years over here.)  We bought a house out in the country and we're bicycle distance from the Netherlands.  I'm also learning French.
    Favorite Memory:  German class and the GAPP exchange students (I still have contact with some of them), Social Studies with Becky Lukins and English with Ms. Murray.
     Shawna (Fender) Dennis  Shawna (Fender) Dennis paw print   Sherwood, OR paw print  matt_shawna@comcast.net
     Accounting manager
     Eric Frey          Eric Frey      paw print      Dallas, OR     paw print      eric.frey@us.army.mil
     Battalion Logistics NCO
    Married 16 years to Rita with two wonderful sons, Nate and Alex. 18 Years of Service to the Oregon Army National Guard: currently a Master Sergeant serving as the Brigade Logistics NCOIC for 41st Infantry Brigade Combat Team. Deployments: Operation Iraqi Freedom, Operation Noble Eagle and Multi-National force and Observers.
    Favorite memory:  Ward Lewis and his English classes, Jerry Kuykendahl and our science research class, and of course setting lights 10 minutes before the Tom Grant concert.
    Life happens--enjoy what you can, learn from your mistakes, love hard, laugh often and forgive easily.  Life is too short to fill with regrets. 
    Jocelyn (Gauthier) Cadiz    Jocelyn (Gauthier) Cadiz  paw print   Louisiana  paw print    jcadiz74@hotmail.com
     Homeschool mom
     Three kids!
                   paw print              Camille Grimek         paw print          Milwaukie, OR         paw print          grimek1661@hotmail.com
     Accounts payable clerk
    Mike Haines      Mike Haines      paw print         Oregon City, OR    paw print    mhaines@komfortcorp.com
     RV Design Drafter
    I was living in California, as a Senior Product Administrator for Fleetwood RV, which in this economy was forced to shut down their Travel Trailer division.  After being laid off, I moved back and currently work for Komfort RV. Unmarried, no kids. Fat as hell. 
    For some strange reason unknown to me, my senior class photo was not in the yearbook.  In fact, I was not even listed in the "photo not available" category.  However, to those of you that remember me, I am on the front cover, next to Guy Poppe.
    Amy (Hanlon) Newell        Amy (Hanlon) Newell     paw print     West Linn, OR     paw print         amyhn@hotmail.com
     PhD Candidate in Molecular and Medical Genetics

    I met my husband David Newell in college and we married a couple of years after college in 1999. At that point, we moved to Oregon from Boston where I am now well into a PhD program in Molecular and Medical Genetics at Oregon Health and Science University. My research is on the DNA repair defect in Fanconi anemia.

    Leslie (Kimiko) Ward    Leslie (Kimiko) Ward paw print    Anchorage, AK  paw print  leslie_kimiko@yahoo.com
     Teaching artist
     Finished dance degree, performed professionally for a few years, moved to Prague, opened a cafe, city flooded, sold cafe, bummed around Europe, moved to Alaska.  Now on faculty with the university, artist-in-residence for private studios, public schools and non-profits, participate in state council advisory committee, finishing Alexander Technique training, could use a vacation. 
     Favorite Memory:  Robin Knight's dance class. 
    93LarsonD                David Larson  paw print   Aloha, OR  paw print  oregonpers@gmail.com
    Retirement Plan Analyst
    After high school I served four years in the Marines.  I then went to Portland State and graduated with a degree in finance in 2001.  I have worked at Oregon's Public Employees Retirement System since 2004.