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     Ron Adams

     Ron Adams   West Linn, OR   bja1494@home.com
    Director, Oregon Youth Conservation Corps working out of Salem. Worked for many years with Pacific NW Bell Telephone and AT&T, then Marylhurst Univ. as Chair U.G. Business and State Representative for six years (1993-99).  Have been with OYCC since Dec., 1998.  Married, 5 children, wife Barbara.  Not enough golf, fishing, hiking and hunting. 

    Favorite memory: Mostly playing basketball and baseball in a remarkably mediocre career; practice fodder for Harold A
    drian as a 5'9", 145 pound power forward, and bench sitting for John Paul Brown.  Also, fun parts in a couple of school plays and Journalism--putting out the school paper as Sports Editor.  ('Dink's Doodles'--remember that one?--still can't recall where the name came from.)  The time three of us skipped, got caught and had to take the football bleachers down.  Sam Nixon was a very wise man who would now be in trouble for abusing our poor troubled little psyches.  

    Anything else to share: Have enjoyed the last few combined '52-'53 reunions and seeing people I've not seen in a long
     time.  As we decline, in numbers not acumen, it might be time to take in '50 and '54 graduates.  Our school back then was small enough so we interacted much more with the classes above and below ours.  Plus, some of the people that enjoyed our class most were those who left to start Lake Oswego and they would come back for reunions if invited.  Anyone who hasn't visited the new school should go inspect the refurbished class pictures from 'yesterday when we were young'--good job and worth a look.

    Christine Gale


       Christine (Gale) Schweizer   West Linn, OR                       cls97068@yahoo.com 




     Susan (Goddard) Pinn  Lake Oswego, OR  none@phl6.note.com 


    Greta Howell


    Greta Shockley Howell    grettahowell@yahoo.com  


    Grandmom - retired in Florida

    Favorite memory:  Miss Brunner's chorus classes

    Wondering whatever happened to my friend, Dorothea Church.