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    Donovan Christensen
       Donovan Christensen   Oregon City, OR  chrisagatecrk@peak.org

    I graduated from OTI in 1956, Sue Cabot and I married in 1958 (Just about to celebrate our 44th anniversary).  My main careers were 18 years with Hyster Company in Engineering and Management.  Then for the last 25 years we have had our own manufacturing company (Sierra Instrument Co.)  Our web page if you care to look is: sierrasteelguitars.com .  We sold the company in October of 2001 and I stayed on for training through January 2002.  I still do design work and consulting for Sierra, but basically retired.  We spend about half our time in Oregon City area and half at our place on the Oregon Coast (Yachats). I am trying to get my remodeling projects caught up soon so I can finish rebuilding my '57 T-bird.ated from OTI in 1956, Sue Cabot and I married in 1958 (just about to celebrate our 44th anniversary

    We have gotten to travel extensively in our business life and looking forward to more leisure travel now.  Life has been good to me and  I am very thankful.  Sue and I have 3 daughters, 1 son, and 6 grandkids. They are the love of our life.

    Favorite memory: I have many many happy memories of high school.  Skipping class is very high on the list.

    Darrell Fischer
       Darrell Fischer    Yuma, AZ  w7blj@yahoo.com

    Joined the U.S. Army after High School.  After discharge from the service I chose to attend Portland TV & Electronics College.  While attending that school, The Boeing Company tested a group of us. They hired me and that began my career in Electronics.  I spent the next 17 1/2 years with The Boeing Company, first as a R & D tech and the last 8 years installing guidance systems on Minuteman missiles.  In 1974 my wife, Teresa, and I purchased a restaurant.  We ran that restaurant until 1979 when we sold it and I went into Power Production work.  I worked for the City of Kimball, NE from 1979 to 1984.  I joined Sierra Pacific Power Co. in Reno, NV. in 1984 and retired from that company in January of 1997.  I decided to attend Real Estate School and became licensed in 2000.  I have spent the past 8 years involved in Real Estate here in Yuma, Arizona.

    Elizabeth Moore
    Elizabeth, Liz (Guyton) Moore  Wilsonville, OR  EMOREE@aol.com 
     Retired Educator
    Active in volunteer work in Wilsonville. Senior Center, Historical Society, helping with plans for the closing of Wilsonville Grade School.
    Favorite Memory: Bus rides to and from school, football games, friends.


     Elizabeth (Holmgren) Marugg  Neotsu, OR  iaoraz00@hotmail.com 


    Pat Clark
       Pat (Milliken) Clark   Oregon City, OR  Patc@pcez.com

    Retired Bookkeeper/Office Manager

    Married Dick Fisher after graduation.  We had three children, a daughter and two sons, however in 1970 Dick and our youngest son were killed in an accident.  My oldest son, who was injured at birth and had cerebral palsy, also died in 1979.

    But...life has not been all tragedy. I did the bookkeeping and ran the office for our family business for years,  then remarried in 1979 and retired in the early 80's.  God has been good to me and blessed me with two grandchildren, now both grown and attending college; one at Portland State and one at Portland Community College. I still do bookkeeping for my church on a volunteer basis as treasurer and love working one day a week in the church office.  I sing with five other women in a group and enjoy that.  My husband and I have traveled quite a bit in the USA and have just purchased a new home which we are busy planting lawn, decorating, etc.  We also own a small park model at the coast and do the beach thing as often as possible.

    Favorite memory: No one ever had anymore fun than I did in School.  Loved singing in Nonette.  Going to all games and cheering for those Lions including going to state one year.  I remember leading the drill team at May Day, doing skits and plays and generally having a great time.  Will never forget Coach Brown, Sam Nixon, Miss Brunner, and Miss Locker.  Have tried and tried to forget Mr. Lundborg!!!!!

    Anything else to share: Just would love to hear from classmates and remind you that we have a 50 year celebration coming up, hope to see many of you whenever it is decided to happen.

     Bill Rhodes
       Bill Rhodes  Sherwood, OR  Ursaka@aol.com