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    Joanne (Allinson) Walker
       Joanne (Allinson) Walker  Grenada, CA  jono@snowcrest.net

    Retired, office manager for a physical therapy firm.

    I remarried six years ago.  I am the proud mother of 7 children (4 girls, 3 boys).  My husband has three children and between us we are even more proud of out 32 grandchildren and great grandchildren.

    Favorite memory: Football games and those HORRIBLE May Day dances we had to practice, practice, practice for.

    I would love to hear from any of you.

    Jean (Bennett) Strom
       Jean (Bennett) Strom  saddleback@vcn.com

    Would love to hear from everyone.


    Robert (Bob) Chamberlain
       Robert (Bob) J. Cahmberlain   famgraf@verison.net
    Merlin Fischer
       Merlin Fischer Salem,  OR  merlin@transpacificfood.com


    Consultant - Fruit Processing
    Leslie Pat Gordon
       Leslie Pat Gordon  Las Vegas, NV  pat-gordon@worldnet.att.net

    Financial Services: Tax prep, insurance, investments

    First marriage, hmmm.  Second marriage: Yes, after a legal divorce, got it right this time.  Four children.  Married Army nurse (2nd time around).  Traveled around the world.  It's been good--and I'm grateful for the preparation I got at WLHS!!

    Favorite memory: Mr. Nixon, principal - neat guy, English classes and mixed chorus. Tumbling team. Beautiful Oregon!

    Russ M. Lende
       Russ M. Lende Seaside, OR  rplassoc@hotmail.com 

    Since retiring from being an optometrist for 43 years and two months, I continue with my Mark I auto restoration business and trying to have positive results from my stock market program.  I have a new title: "Pat's (my wife) Administrative Slave."  I sort of forgot some of the requests.

    Our 50th reunion in September was FANTASTIC! Several of us in the local area are continuing a luncheon every two months to further our renewed friendship. Wonderful days for sure.

    I wish all alumni to enjoy everyday to the fullest doing what they like/need for their success. This is the first day of the rest of our lives; make a difference for the good of our human beings.

     Rich Little
       Rich Little   Bonners Ferry, ID skylane812@hotmail.com 

    Built a small airplane and fly in the mountains of Idaho

    Favorite memory: OH! those beautiful girls. If only I could remember.


    Bob Rohe
       Bob Rohe  Lincoln Beach, OR  bobkatohe@yahoo.com 
    Retired Teacher
     We are moving back to Oregon at the end of June, 2003 after living in Germany and elsewhere, teaching for the US military schools overseas. We look forward to getting back in touch with old friends from West Linn.
    Favorite memory: In high school, I enjoyed swimming and track, and going to ball games with friends. I enjoyed my years in West Linn High a lot.
    Barbra Wallace
    Barbra Wallace  Portland, OR  thalassy1@excite.com (Daughter's email)

    Office Manager for the Oregon Youth Authority of Multnomah County

    Posthumously -- After high school, moved all over the US, living in Ohio, Illinois, Arizona, Arkansas, and Michigan, before returning to Oregon in 1976.  My mother (married name Barbara Nelson) left this world, with two sons Jeff (now 45), John (26), and myself Kimberley (28), as well as a grand-daughter (my daughter, Chloe who is 7).  Unfortunately in November of 1996, she was rushed to the hospital for what was to be routine gall bladder surgery.  It turned out that she had terminal gall bladder cancer that had spread throughout her body.  After being given six months to live she passed away only two months after her diagnosis, less than a month shy of her 60th birthday.  She was a wonderful mother and is missed very much by all of us.

    Favorite memory: I can always recall my mother saying to me as a child, "You are lucky that you have a mother who can drive you to school.  When I was a kid, I had to walk a mile, and take the streetcar all the way across the bridge!"