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    Darlene (Bailey) Misterek
       Darlene (Bailey) Misterek   Kirkland, WA  darmist@msn.com


    Jane (Clyde) Hamil
       Jane (Clyde) Hamil  Atlanta, GA  bridging@mindspring.com

    Social Worker

    I continue to serve as a consultant in Geriatric Care, helping families navigate the emotional, social, health, and personal issues of aging.

    My family has grown to include four grandchildren, and three spouses of my children.  I have many friends, and am active in the metro Atlanta community; I also find time to travel abroad.

    Michael G. Coover
       Michael G. Coover  Colorado Springs, CO  mpcoover@gte.net

    Retired/U.S Air Force & Systems Engineer

    Carol (Corey) Teske
     Carol (Corey) Teske  Oregon City, OR  purrfectcat338@aol.com


    Married for 39 years and counting.  Two children both married, grandmother to a little girl named Anna, and four step-grandchildren, Nick 21 years, Jon 19 years, Lacie 16 years, and Payden 14 years.

    Joyce (Fitzjohn) Woodruff
       Joyce (Fitzjohn) Woodruff  Wilsonville, OR  joyleo@juno.com


    At this time my husband and I are living in my parent's home while they both have Alzheimer's and are in facilities.  It seems that taking care of their property, business and making sure that they are well taken care of takes most of our time.

    Favorite memory: Friends and acquaintances.  I am particularly glad to have gone from 1st grade through high school with some of my class graduates.  Having the opportunity to see and/or hear from some of them from time to time and the fact that so many remained in the area is a special blessing.

    Dorothy (Haynes) Chase
       Dorothy (Haynes) Chase    Portland, OR    r.chase@worldnet.att.net

    Retired (my husband was a residential builder in the Portland area, mostly southeast)

    Married for 41 years.  Retired and do lots of traveling.  Have lived in the southeast Portland area since graduating.

    Favorite memory: Teaching my P.E. class to hula, and then performing with them at the May Day celebration.

    Nancy (Holland) Ware
       Nancy (Holland) Ware   West Linn, OR  

    Personnel Specialist

    Favorite memory: Slumber parties in the gym and play nights.  May Day and how close our classmates were.Still living in West Linn and working for the West Linn-Wilsonville School District  (31 years).  Three grown children and six grandchildren (ages 13 to 3).  Very active in the West Linn Riverview Lions Club and Class of '56 Scholarship committee and reunion committee.  Still live in the house I grew up in so come visit.

    Alex Leitner
       Alex Leitner  Mineral, VA  leitner@ns.gemlink.com

    Retired from the Central Intelligence Agency

    After four years in the Air Force I went to work for the C.I.A.  I raised a family and spent 18 of my 32 agency years living overseas.  I am now retired living at Lake Anna in Virginia.  I hunt, fish, and play golf a couple of days a week.  We enjoy going to concerts, Broadway shows etc. and usually take a car trip once or twice a year to some place interesting.  My wife Marge writes for a local newspaper and we have two cats that give us much enjoyment.  Life has been good.

    Favorite memory: We had a small senior class, less than 100 I think.  I found this very appealing since I had moved from Pennsylvania where my junior class had 1,200 students.  The kids at West Linn made me feel very welcome from the start.  I liked dating and the social scene too much and was not a serious student.  I played football though I wasn't very good.  I was lucky to get in enough games to get a letter.  Though I only spent one year at West Linn, I enjoyed it very much.

    Pamela (Long) Coover
       Pamela (Long) Coover  Colorado Springs, CO  mpcoover@gte.net

    Retired Financial Secretary.

         Jaqueline Madhok Hershiser   Oregon City, OR   Lcrawford@marquiscompanies.com
    Herman McIntosh
       Herman McIntosh   Oregon City, OR  


    Milo M. Moore

    Milo M. Moore  Caldwell, ID  milomavid@home.com

    Retired CEO, now owner of a restaurant and bakery.

    Work, work, work, workaholic I guess.  Ha! ha! ha! just kidding.  I am remarried for the past 14 years.  Have done a lot of traveling within the United States.  I have three children, two boys and one girl.  I was going to come to the class reunion, but time will not permit, as the business will not let me go.  I have a love of classic cars, so naturally I have a few.  One 1956 Ford 2 door, all original condition, one 1972 RS SS Camaro, split bumper all new condition.  I have been in Idaho for thirty-five years, got tired of the moisture in Oregon ha! ha! right!

    Sharon (Rasmussen) Fitzpatrick
       Sharon (Rasmussen) Fitzpatrick  West Linn, OR  Fitzomama@home.com

    Owner, Fitz's Restaurant, Willamette

    Busy running the restaurant.  Married to Wayne Fitzpatrick.  Many WLHS grad's come in and it has been great to catch up on old and new times.

    Favorite memory:  Pep club, Slumber Parties, Junior/Senior Send Off/Football games in the rain and mud. Learning about how to "Snipe Hunt".

    Come by and say hello . . . Fitz's Restaurant, 1849 Willamette Falls Dr., West Linn...Wayne is usually there too.

    (Note: Fitz's restaurant is no longer in business)

    John O. Roisum
       John O. Roisum   Boise, ID   joroisum@aol.com

    President of Vibra-Pro Company Inc.

    Have lived in the Bay Area, Moses Lake, WA and Boise, ID since 1971.  Not married, have two wonderful children, John Jr. and Jennice with five grandchildren.  Have three step-children and three step-grandchildren.

    Favorite memory:  Everything--we had a wonderful class and well beyond good times.  Who can forget our teachers . . . Dan Rollins, Zee Foote, Emerson and so many others.

    Gerald Steele
       Gerald Steele  Maupin, OR  jjsteele@centurytel.net

    Retired Auto Transport Carrier.

    Margaret (Tunnell) Pastor
       Margaret (Tunnell) Pastor  Vancouver, WA  ronpastor@aol.com

    Retired Teacher

    I love retirement and the traveling that my husband and I are able to do.  I do maintain contact with many of my high school classmates.

    Favorite memory: I have wonderful memories of high school and the ball games and clubs that I was a member of.  Most of all, I have wonderful friends from my high school class.

    Al Whiteman
       Al Whiteman  Portland, OR  alsproshop@aol.com 
    Retired, but recently accepted position with Portland Bowling Association, so it's back to work!
    Former member of Professional Bowlers Association, participated in Senior Tour for five years. Four children, 10 grandchildren. One granddaugter who graduated from WLHS, and another that will be at WLHS in a couple years.
    Favorite Memory: Rally Squad, Music in May, and being voted Best Dancer my senior year 
    Beverly (Widmer) Erickson

    Beverly (Widmer) Erickson  Beaverton, OR 

    Senior Loan Officer (home loans)

    Gosh...just grew up, branched out, and now thinking of retiring!  I have two grown children (my daughter graduated from West Linn) and four grandchildren.  Of course, they are all perfect.  Am a breast cancer survivor...get those checkups!

    Favorite memory: Singing with Claudia Bauer, Mary Dell, and Shirley Zeller in our barbershop quartet.  We sang Chordettes arrangements.  Must have affected me profoundly...I've been singing barbershop music for 29 years, both chorus and quartet!

    Linda (Wiedemann) Engelman
      Linda (Wiedemann) Engelman  Wilsonville, OR   linda.a.engelman@opbu.xerox.com

    Administrative Assistant



     Lee Winer  Vancouver, WA  lwinerxx@earthlink.net



    Carolyn (Wood) Brown
       Carolyn (Wood) Brown  Sandy, OR  reinadog@earthlink.net

    Medical Business Office Manager