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    Gwen (Adams) Marsh
       Gwen (Adams) Marsh  Gladstone, OR
    Barbara (Allinson) Hortsch


                 Barbra (Allinson) Hortsch   doxiegirl-hortsch@imagina.com 
    Retired/Elementary School Secretary 


    Janet (Cranor) Mehl
       Janet (Cranor) Mehl  Milwaukie, OR  lafemnw@attbi.com


    Phillip Debok
             Phillip Debok  Cooperas Cove, TX   paprune@hotmail.com

    Retired Veterinarian  

    Dorothy (Giles) Hrabal
     Dorothy (Giles) Hrabal    Hillsboro, OR    dlhrabal@aol.com

    Manager, Peterson Farms

    Web page: www.petersonfarms.net

    Sharon (Hiner) Newton
       Sharon (Hiner) Newton  Gladstone, OR  Sharon_Faye@msn.com
    Virginia "Gini" (Jacobson) Dunwoodie


        Virginia "Gini" (Jacobson) Dunwoodie  West Linn, OR

    Jay (Dunwoodie '57) and I have 4 daughters and 11 grandchildren.

    We are retired and loving it.

    Bonnie (Madden) Benson
     Bonnie (Madden) Benson  Shiloh, TN  bonnieb2@centurytel.net


    Philip Peters
    Philip Peters  Fair Lawn, NJ-Wilsonville, OR phytophyter@hotmail.com

    We travel the world with a very exiting program helping to strengthen people's immune systems.Self-employed

    We are still having preliminary meetings to discuss possibilities. Please contact Phil Peters if you want to be involved.

    58wagnerj                     J. Wagner             Tigard, OR