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    Joanne (Fero) Mays
    Joanne (Fero) Mays   Anywhere, USA  Joanneferomays@aol.com



    My husband of 48.5 years and I have been full time RVers for almost nine years and are still loving it. We are the parents of three and the grandparents of six.

    Linda (Kilmer) Towe


    Linda (Kilmer) Towe  Lakewood, WA Joytowe@msn.com  

    Growing up in West Linn, I was one of six children in our German family to graduate from West Linn High School.  I still own the antique violin that I played in Miss Brunner's orchestra class.  Mr. Schumacher's bookkeeping class was the start of my career in accounting.  It was at the Lions Den across the street from Coach Brown's house that we bought snacks and danced the bop as Blueberry Hill played on the jukebox.  May Day was an honor and the tiara is with my school mementos.  I'm now a retiree from Washington Education Association, and enjoy our grandchildren, travel, swimming, gardening, and life's little adventures.

    Janice (Koellermeier) Hendry
    Janice (Koellermeier) Hendry  Phoenix, AZ jhendry@azleg.state.az.ue

    Arizona House of Representatives

    Dorothy Larsen
    Dorothy Larsen   Portland, OR  dottielarsen@comcast.net



    I have been a nurse all of my adult life.  I retired from a large Portland hospital after almost 30 years of employment.  I have one daughter and have adopted her now 12-year-old son several years ago.  We are very involved in our church, school, and community.  I remain in the same home we built in 1968.  Life has been very good.  I keep very busy every day with many activities and enjoy every minute.

    Favorite memory:  Singing in Miss Brunner's music class was always enjoyable to me. I recall when Oregon City took our lion just like it was yesterday!  The dances were a blast and how can we forget the Miss Pix contests?  My sister won first place, I got third the next year.  Remember when some of the boys actually walked over the West Linn-Oregon City bridge?  That is very vivid in my memory. 

    Taking good care of myself and keeping healthy is important to me.  Walking, eating right, and being positive has always been my mission in life.  Especially now, I need to be healthy to raise my boy.  Planning and being on the committee for our 50th class reunion for next August has been a joy and so great to see and talk to former classmates.  Our committee members are so nice to work with.  Life is just what we put into it! 

    Patricia Larson Spry
    Patricia Larson Spry  currently back in West Linn, OR    patsydtr@comcast.net


    Retired, U.S. Navy

    After thirty years in and with the Navy, I thought I would enjoy being in one place for a while!!  This is not the case.  I miss military life, the constant change, meeting people from all over the world and world travels.  I am now discerning religious life as a nun, while caring for my two wonderful grandchildren; Isabelle, 5 yrs., and Henry, 14mos.

    Favorite memory:   Mostly I remember Chorus with Miss Brunner, the rival football games with Oregon City and going to the "Lions Den" across from Coach Brown's house.  That's where I fell in love with hamburgers!

    I am very active in my Parish, where I serve as a Eucharistic Minister, Lector and Sacristan.  I also visit the sick and homebound to give Communion.  My life is full.

    Scott Wartena
    Scott Wartena  Sweet Home, OR  swdutch@juno.com


    Worked for the airlines for 38 years.  Had nine children.

    Favorite memory:  The great after-game activities and May Day.