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    Carol (Bino) Kiggins
    Carol (Bino) Kiggins    Eagle Creek, OR ckkiggins@aol.com


    Bill Catton
    Bill Catton  Redmond, WA    b_catton@msn.com

    Retired Mortgage Broker

    Home web page address:  billcattonmortgage.com

    Retired April `04.  My wife Maureen and I have four children, Laura, David, Chris and Scott.  We enjoy travel, golf, fishing and fine dining.  We have just sold our home and are moving to Trilogy at Redmond Ridge, an active adult community which provides a wonderful golf facility as well as a community fitness center.  Our life has been wonderful and productive.  We are looking forward to the future and never forget the past friendships and acquaintances.

    Gerald Cash Cottrell
    Gerald Cash Cottrell   Milwaukie, OR   cashcott@comcast.net



    Enjoying retirement - gardening - playing my sax - bowling.  Organizing the 50 year reunion!

    Favorite memory:  Friends - sports - band

    Ron Crone
       Ron Crone  Glenns Ferry, ID rcrone@mindspring.com
    Bob Devlin
    Bob Devlin   Jackson, CA  bobkat@goldrush.com

    Tax Accountant and RE Broker

    Married to Kathryn (no children) and live in a small community in the Sierra Nevada foothills east of Sacramento. Have 45 acres in the woods and small house/office in town. Run, play tennis and racquetball and enjoy the rural lifestyle.

     Alice (Hatfield) Webb
    Alice (Hatfield) Webb   Portland, OR  awebb58@hotmail.com

    Light Rail Operator

    Jeff Heatherington
    Jeff Heatherington   Portland, OR   <> j.heatherington@comcast.net


    President, FamilyCare Health Plans

    Still working and loving it.  Have one son, three grandkids, and one great-grandkid.

    Favorite memory:  Stealing the Spirit Jug from OC High and having Rex Pelker dropping it on a chain from mid court at the WL/OC B-Ball game.  Mrs. Kirkey.  Robert Wesley Helliwell (Physics).



     Marlene Hunger   Surprise, AZ    marlenenn@msn.com



    Graduated from Bolton Grade School. Attended West Linn, but didn't graduated from there. My family moved back to Portland, and from there to San Diego where I graduated in 1961.



     Sandy (McCardle) Lackey   Redmond, OR  SandyKloz@aol.com



    Diane (Payne) Alberding
    Diane (Payne) Alberding   Hillsboro, OR  dialberding@gmail.com


    Retired --- Prior I worked in the dental field as a dental assistant

    Enjoying my grandchildren.  Working in the garden, nature, walking, reading, music and enjoying life.

    Favorite memory:  All of my high school memories are good!

    I loved the apple machine at West Linn High.  How come apples don't taste the way they used to!

    1961PetersClark   Clark Peters  Milwaukie, Oregon  cpeters143@comcast.net
    Retired, former teacher, Union negotiator
    Graduated from Pacific University, taught @ West Linn & Clackamas High Schools & in Hawaii, worked for Oregon Education Association & George Fox University; kind of officially retired
    Favorite Memory:  Dale Liberty's Speech classes; great teachers and coaches; football, drama, Russ Schumacher's Basic Accounting class; Mrs.Oppenlander's Algebra 1 class (I sat behind and became good friends w/Laina Schmidt); Wally Pond's English class & his yard stick; May Day----wow, what fun!
    George A. Shen
    George A. Shen   Tustin, CA  finleyspinto@gmail.com


    Teacher (retired)

    Favorite memory:  Drama production of  "Our Town"


    Thomas A. Steele
      Thomas A. Steele  Kailua-Kona, Hawaii  futfaa@hawaii.rr.com
    Personal assistant
    Sun, surf, & sand
    Favorite memory:  "The Curious Savage" & "Our Town" plays-- Mr. Liberty was a saint to cast me in anything.
    Looking to Aug. 2011 for Fifty Year reunion -Unbelievable-