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    Barbra (Angell) Schultz
    Barbara (Angell) Schulz    Redmond, OR     dnbschulz@hotmail.com


    Farm girl, Home School instructor, Retired Conference Center Assistant

    Working at Tektronix, right out of High School, gave me the impetus and courage to become all that God intended me to be.  After three years of successful advancement, I decided to return to college, majoring in Art and Education.  From there I met my husband and had the honor of working at the Oregon Regional Primate Research Center as an Illustrator's Assistant.  Doug and I have been married for 46 years and have grown more in love because we have always put God first in all of our "earthly endeavors."  He (God) has never disappointed us as we worked together to enhance each other and encourage others to put the Lord God first in their lives and He will order their footsteps.

    Favorite memory:  Attending our "number one" (in the State) football games, participating in Band activities, riding one of Ted Pitman's horses to school on the last day!
    Richard Dale Ballantyne
    Richard Dale Ballantyne    Milwaukie, OR    daleballantyne@yahoo.com


    14404 S.E. Webster Rd. #142  Milwaukie, OR 97267

    Working for State of Oregon, custodian for 25 years

    Got married on June 25, 2005 to Sandra Lee Chaney, like visiting with brother and sister and friends.  Make several trips and worked several things, and I still am driving at my age.  Enjoy my two new cats.

    Favorite memory:  Attending football games and singing in the high school choir.

    Anne (Blakely) Markle
    Anne (Blakely) Markle   Vancouver, WA    garyannemarkle@q.com


    PBX operator

    Curt Christiansen
    Curt Christiansen   Oregon City, OR    crowvet@aol.com


    Professionally retired

    Got older, heavier, and slower.  Other then that my wife and I move around Oregon in good weather with our trailer and hunt, fish, visit relatives.  I shoot at the Douglas ridge rifle range a bit.  I do volunteer work with the Fish and Wildlife and Oregon Hunters Association.  I also take naps in between doing.

    Favorite memory:  I liked being in the Agriculture program.  The last year I believe I had three classes of Agriculture and a study hall which I spent in Agriculture.  That was my best year.  Graduation was a highlight of four years in prison (school).

    Arnold Churchek
    Arnold Churchek   Milwaukie, OR    awc_pdx@yahoo.com


    Retired Teamster

    After graduation I entered Portland State College and after one term learned that I was as bad a student in college as I was in high school.  I joined the Air Force and after 4 years returned home and started to work.  I finally landed a good job in the Teamsters and even through companies closing and layoffs managed to keep various teamster jobs till retirement.  My wife Cathy and I are working on 51 years together. Our daughter, Cheryl, had our two grandkids, Julian and Irene. Along with her husband Lance, they make their home in Corvallis, so we get to see our grandkids regularly.)  We are thoroughly enjoying our years since retirement and looking forward to many more.

    Favorite memory:  Evenings at the school spending time with my Dad who was the night custodian, pep band at the games and Saturday nights going to the movies and cruising Broadway with my friends Ed Kayton, Harry Kyllo, and Larry Young.  It took over 40 years to get there, but I'm finally as carefree as I was back then.

    Carole Jean (Critchfield) Jackson
    Carole Jean (Critchfield) Jackson   Sandy, OR    carolejeanjackson@gmail.com



    Burrell & I are happily enjoying being retired!  We enjoy 8 grandchildren, 3 dogs, & 1 house cat. We have two g children in college. The next two in line will start college next year.  Very proud of all of them.  We enjoy camping, computering, and each other after 50 years of marriage.  Gardening in the summer with veggies and dahlias--great hobby!

    Favorite memory:  Hanging out with our friends is a great memory for us.  Enjoyed sports as a spectator!! Friday night football was the best.  Noon dances were great.  Also watching the world series in the auditorium.  It seems to me that the Yankees, with Mickey Mantel & Roger Maris, were champs several years in a row.

    Geneann (Davis) Ritter
    Geneann (Davis) Ritter    Haiphong, Vietnam  gritter60@yahoo.com



    Retired from teaching elementary students with disabilities in the U.S.  Am enjoying teaching a wide variety of ages of students in Vietnam.

    Favorite memory:  Rainy football games.  Going to "state."  After game dances.

    Lynda (Douglas) Peterson
    Lynda Douglas Peterson    Seaside, OR   flamingohamma@msn.com


    Retired nurse

    Retired, spending time with grandkids, hobbies and friends

    Favorite memory:  fun with friends...games...clubs

    Looking forward to seeing everyone

    Marcia (Druhl) Bushnell
    Marcia (Druhl) Bushnell    Eugene, OR   rcmjbushnell@comcast.net


    Retired High School French Instructor/currently work for UOTeach program as practicum/student teacher supervisor (second languages)

    Facebook ~ Marcie Druhl Bushnell

    Married 41 years (as of 2011) . . . we have one daughter who is the audience development director for White Bird Dance in Portland, OR.  My husband, Richard, and I enjoy auto-guided bike tours . . . have toured in Germany, Sweden, Denmark, France, South America, Australia and New Zealand.

    Favorite memory:  Noon dances.  Football games.  Driving my tiny Fiat from Gladstone to West Linn High School my senior year!  Friends that remain friends to this day!

    Anything else to share:  Looking forward to the 50th year reunion in 2012.  Hope more alumni will opt to update their information on this site.

    Dave Forsberg
    Dave Forsberg   Cathedral City, CA    psbeetlebomb@aol.com


    After graduation attended PSU then began teaching in Gardiner, Oregon (central Oregon coast).  After six years became fish buyer for Winchester Bay Seafoods.  Back to teaching in St. Paul, Oregon then got masters and became principal there.  Got call from sis in Palm Springs that they needed help in their business--picked up and moved there in 1980.  Retired in 2006.  My son Toby from my first marriage has his own business in Portland.  Devon, my only grandson, is doing well and will be nine this summer.  Now Marti and I have been married 15 years and travel all over the place in our motorhome.  You'll see us this summer in our '56 Buick!  Yippee!

    Favorite memory:  Enjoyed the football games of course.  I could run the low hurdles but with short legs I looked funny trying to run the high ones.  I was too shy to go to the dances--darn.  Palled around with Steve, Curt, Terry, Bill, Al, Stan, et. al.  Oh--the stories!!!!

    Anything else to share:   You people are the greatest!

    Kathy (Fritz) Burns
    Kathy (Fritz) Burns   Nampa, Idaho  kmburns@nnu.edu

    University Professor

    I am teaching at Northwest Nazarene University.  I work with provisional freshmen. I now have 9 grandchildren, ages 19 years to 9 months, and I thoroughly enjoy each of them.

    My favorite memories are football games, singing in Nonette, choir and doing solos.  I was active in FTA (Future Teachers Association), FHA (Future Homemakers Association), and YFC (Youth for Christ). My favorite teachers were Mr. Adams and Mrs. Gilbert.

    Marcie (Gookin) Kearns
    Marcie (Gookin) Kearns    Lakewood, WA  

    Wife - Mother - Grandmother - Pastor's Wife

    Enjoying my kids and grandkids and traveling and still being in love with Ron.

    Favorite memory: Rally and the football games and wrestling matches and working in the office.

    Phyllis (Gould) Janes
    Phyllis (Gould) Janes   Redland, OR  GAJanes@myexcel.com

    Minister, Evangelist

    My husband Gerald and I have been ministering throughout the Pacific, from Western Samoa to Hawaii.  We are currently taking a break to spend some time with our five grandchildren.  Until we return to the Pacific ministries, we are forming churches in the Gresham, Salem areas for migrant workers.

    Between us, we have two sons and two daughters, and of course, the five grandchildren. 

    Favorite memory: The best memories are being on the swim team, and in the Choir.  Also the May Day celebrations.

    Ray Harlan
    Ray Harlan   Gladstone, OR  elect27@netzero.com

    TV & VCR Repair

    Working, divorced, enjoy Molalla river for rest & relaxation.

    Favorite memory: Fun in my red Ford.

    Aileen (Harmon) Ashley
    Aileen (Harmon) Ashley    West Linn, OR    aileen.ashley@comcast.net

    Retired Credit Union branch manager

    Married in 1964 and moved to California, where I spent 38 years, raised my two children and spent my entire working career.  Retired from Hewlett Packard in 2002, sold my home in the Bay Area and moved back to West Linn where I have reconnected with some of my high school friends, and made some new ones.  Frequent trips to Calif. and Colorado to visit friends and my children and their families.  Life is good!

    Favorite memory:  I will think about that and get back to you.


      Bruce Hedlund    Sitka, AK (paradise)   quicksilver@acsalaska.net

    Retired Mariner

    Living in Sitka with my partner of 16 years.  I met Julie while living in Seward, AK.  I operated a tug boat out of Seward hauling construction equipment to the vast reaches of Alaska.  Later I hauled freight and fuel to Barrow, Nome, and up the mighty Yukon River, Kuskoquim River, and Nushigak River.  We also went to Bristol Bay , St. Lawrence and Little Diomede Islands.  You CAN see Russia from there.  From Cook Inlet to Kodiak and out to Adak Island, and from beautiful Prince William Sound to throughout Southeast Alaska to Seattle and San Francisco.  In the winter when weather and pack ice prevented us from going North my sailing partner Mike (Captain Hooks) McKern and our crew would deliver sail boats and yachts to ports in Alaska, California and several to Mexico and Hawaii.  Julie is a Drug and Alcohol Treatment Counselor, and we are caretakers of several homes and many pets.

    Favorite memory:  Not many. So many people who I thought were my friends, weren't.

    I am an avid fisherman in Sitka.  I have caught halibut over 300 pounds and love to fish the famous Kenai River where I once caught a 54 pound King Salmon on a fly.

    Jacqueline (Hershiser) Madhok
    Jacqueline Hershiser Madhok    Danville, CA   jjmadhok@aol.com


    Research Specialist, School of Education, UC Berkeley

    Working on various research projects in the Technology Enhanced Learning in Science (TELS) program at UC Berkeley:http://telscenter.org/about-us/participants/post-doctoral-scholars

    I have been married for 46 years to Raj Madhok.  I received an M.A. in Science Ed. in 1967 from Stanford University and taught math and biology before and after raising two girls, Michelle and Renee.  In 2006 I received a Ph.D. from UC Berkeley in Science and Math Education and am now working as an Education Researcher at UC Berkeley.  Michelle Madhok has an internet shopping business, http://www.shefinds.com/ (also mom finds and bride finds).  Renee is studying design at UCLA.  My husband retired after working most of his life for AT&T and then started a benefits management business which he sold in 2006.  We have been living in the Blackhawk Country Club near Danville, CA for the last 10 years and before that in San Ramon, CA for 16 years.  We also lived in Iran for about 6 months just before the Shah left and in New Jersey for 2 years.  We also bought a home in Mercer Island, Washington in 2004.  We planned to move there, but the rain was too much for my husband, so we are putting it up for sale this year and staying in California.

    Favorite memory:  Doing logic puzzles with Mr. Helliwel during lunch break. Going to football games. Good times with friends.

    Joline (Holman) Hammond
    Joline (Holman) Hammond    Milwaukie, OR   jthammond@comcast.net



    I've been married to Tom for 48 years.  We have a son and daughter and 2 grandchildren.  I worked for North Clackamas School District for 29 years as an instructional assistant.

    Betty (Kaiser) McRobbie
                  Betty (Kaiser) McRobbie  West Linn, OR                                   bmcrobbie@msn.com
    Edwin Kayton
    Edwin Kayton    Ocean View, HI    keoho@aol.com



    Home web page address:  www.kayton-art.com

    I built a house in Ocean View, on the southern tip of the Big Island, where I live with my sister Verna (Keoho), who is also my agent. We usually travel to Italy in the summers where I paint and draw the people and countryside. I've been painting full-time for about 30 years and give workshops on oil painting several times a year. Been single my whole life, so no kids, although Verna raised 4 with her husband, Kirk Keoho.

    Favorite memory:  I had 3 great friends: Harry Kyllo, Arnold Churchek and Larry Young that made my high school years fun, but I wish I had the courage to date back then (I was painfully shy around girls). I also wish I could forget the many stupid things I did in high school, but listing them would fill a novel. Oh, and I want to start my next life with the maturity of a fifty year-old in a twenty year old body.

    Verna and I are both happy, healthy and incredibly busy (I need a clone or two to do all the things I would like to accomplish). Life gets better with each passing year.

    Ronald H. Kearns
    Ronald H. Kearns    Lakewood, WA   

    Home Web Page Address: lakewoodnewhope.com

    Having the time of my life pastoring, and having all of my kids and grandkids here with us in the area and still being madly in love with Marcie for 42 years of marriage and going together for 47 years.

    Favorite memory: Football, of course, and wrestling and "Sirs" club, drama and all the great teachers and staff.

    Janice (Keller) Long
    Janice (Keller) Long    Mead, WA   longfam@my.whitworth.edu


    Medical Technologist

    Happily married for 35 years.  Enjoying retirement in Spokane, WA where we are actively ministering in the Nazarene Church.

    Favorite memory:  Enjoyed playing clarinet in band and Lionettes.

    Anything else to share:  We had been competitive roller skaterers while living in Seattle and now have taken up bicycle riding and cross country skiing.  We have no children.

    Don Kingsborough
    Don Kingsborough    West Linn, OR    kingsborpops@aol.com


    Retired.  Landlord some.

    Our jr. year of school, I joined the U.S. Navy Reserve, went on active duty after graduation serving mostly in the South Pacific.  After separation from the Navy, I met Tish (student at Marylhurst); we married in 1966 and we have five children.  I enjoyed a lot of youth activities with our children ( Boy Scouts, Girl Scouts, sports, Grange, school activities, family trips).  We have 10 grandchildren.  We're now divorced.  I sold real estate and managed some offices for about 11 years, then went to work at USPS, retiring in 04.  Still landlording. Favourite activity is probably traveling by auto in the U.S. and Canada.  Have also traveled to Indonesia, Australia, Singapore, Mexico, Caracas & Trinidad, in the last few years.  The U.S. and Canada are best.  I volunteer in the West Linn Parks doing trail building & maintenance, pulling invasive, planting natives and various other chores.  I currently serve on the W.L. Parks & Rec Advisory Board.  Spend a lot of time with grange volunteering wherever needed.

    Favourite memories, Latin with Mrs. Ross, LOL.  Coach Rollins, Coach Buck, Mr. Schwabauer, Mr. Petrasso, Miss Bruner.  Smiling faces and a happy student body.

    I've had a lifetime of volunteering, both elected and appointed at all stages of my adult life.  I love to kayak ( flat water ) and swim for exercise.  Paddle Oregon (five days, 107 miles on our Willamette) ends the day of the reunion dinner, I hope to have enough energy left to meet classmates.  Thank you Aileen, Dana, Carol, Marcie, et all. who are putting this reunion together, your work and efforts are greatly appreciated.

    Carol Latourette
    Carol Latourette    Milwaukie, OR    ctour7@yahoo.com


    Retired TWA flight attendant

    Craig Latourette
    Craig Latourette    Portland, OR   Latreest@Hevanet.com


    Retired broker

    Since I retired in April '11 I have been enjoying the freedom of enough time t Take trips to Mexico, San Juan Island and Molokai; Morning meditation and physical routine; Long walks with Brody the dog; Volunteer for local park, spiritual and church activities; Maintain our property.

    Favorite memory:  I'll work on this

    Anything else to share:  Who are you and why do you want my social security number?

    Gary Lee
    Gary Lee    Arlington, VA    reddoglee@comcast.net



    Graduated Pacific U. with BA.  MS from USC.  Naval Aviator 1967-1988.  Married on St. Patrick's Day 1979 to Charlene (Chuck) McDonald (no survivors).  Aviation Acquisition Senior Program Manager 1988-2006 when retired Feb 28th.  Lived in San Diego, CA., Wash. DC., Newport, RI, Honolulu, HI, and Arlington,VA (all low rent districts!).  Chuck still teaching Special Ed High School (th Grade.  Trips taken/planned this year: Maine, Bermuda, Fla., Nags Head, NC., Left Coast twice.  Looking forward to 50th reunion.

    Favorite memories:  Football, basketball, baseball.  Noon dances.  Student Body meetings.

    Judy Ann (Low) Creager
    Judy Ann (Low) Creager    Medford, OR   abchange@uci.net


    Hairdresser, salon owner

    Married 16 years to Ric, two girls, Angie, Becky.  Son Rick.  Divorced, married David, added his three kids, Dave, Mike, and Paula to make a very busy house.  Been married for 33 years and going strong.  We have 9 grandkids and 2 great-granddaughters.  After graduation, started beauty school on the following Monday, so that makes this my 50th year as a hairdresser.  Love my work even more now!  No retirement till my body says no more!  Enjoy working in my yard in free time.  Enjoy visiting Montana seeing oldest daughter.  Love to travel when we can.  Hopefully more and soon...

    Favorite memory:   I loved school so much.  More socially than academically.  It was fun having my brother Ron the year ahead.  Loved noon dances, ball games, pep assemblies.  Slumber parties.  It's fun thinking about.

    Anything else to add:  Life is good...  Live each day like you would if it were your last.  Thank God for good health!  I have lost too many people I care about lately.  Life is good, very good.

    Sharon (McNall) Slaybaugh
    Sharon (McNall) Slaybaugh    Beaverton, OR   razdazred@frontier.com


    Retired school teacher

    Have been married almost 46 years to Don.  Have two grandsons and two granddogs.  Enjoy traveling, gardening, and scrapbooking.  Exercise most days with a group of women called the Stepsisters.

    Favorite memory:  Noon dances that only cost a nickel.  Games and after game dances.

    Fifty years is a long time to be out of high school, which doesn't look anything like it did when we were there.

    Mary Miller Wilson
    Mary Miller Wilson   Princeton, OR   mannlakemary@comcast.net



    Still living on a ranch in Southeastern Oregon, Harney County.  We have 3 children, and now have 4 grandchildren.  Our son Hoyt Murdoch and his family live in Bend, and they have 2 daughters, Kate, 7, and Sofia, 6.  Our younger daughter, Alexa, and her family live here on the ranch, and they have 2 sons, Eli, 5, and Oscar, 3.  Our older daughter, Kali, lives in Portland, and is a small animal Veterinarian.  She lives on the same property in West Linn where I grew up, and we stay at her house when we're in Portland.

    Favorite memory:  Before the Prom, the Decorations Chairperson, I won't name any names, needed some Greenery.  I volunteered to take her along with 3 other helpers out to my place to collect some Greenery.  Incidentally, we felt the need to take a quick skinny dip in the Tualatin.

    Anything else to share:  All these people are retired....Really?

    Peggy (Miller) Attia
    Peggy (Miller) Attia   Tigard, OR  pattia@pcc.edu

    ESOL Instructor

    After 20 years of living abroad and teaching English in Egypt and Kuwait, I now continue to teach and tutor English as a Second or Other Language (ESOL) at Portland Community College during the rainy season.  In summers, I usually travel to either Washington DC or Italy to see my children (2) and my grandchildren (4).  Those trips often extend on to Egypt to see my husband's huge family.  I've been married to Farag for 41 years (next May) and we enjoy ballet and theater performances as well as just going to the movies.  I also love cooking, kayaking and snorkeling.  I have slowed down a lot and don't plan as many trips as I used to, but still love everything about traveling.

    Favorite memory:  Some of my favorite high school memories include playing the trumpet in the band, going to slumber parties and hanging out with a band of fun friends including the twins, Mary M., Dana W., Carol L. and Julie D.  I liked math then, but when I tried to major in it in college, it didn't like me.

    Anything else to share:  I'm thinking of retiring.  I need to retire.  I'm starting to look really old. Am looking forward to seeing all of you (if I'm here in the country) and hoping I can remember your names.

    Charles Morris
    Charles Morris - Cheryl (Leisman) Morris  Bremerton, WA    c.l.morris@comcast.net


    Retired, Machinist and IT computers

    Have been married 48 years and are blessed with six grandchildren that are grown.  Have been disabled for the past few years but have a great attitude and the uplook is Great!!  God has been so good to us.

    Susan (Myers) Keller
    Susan (Myers) Keller  Albuquerque, NM    skeller10@comcast.net


    Retired from Merrill Lynch

    Happily retired in Albuquerque, NM. Active in community theater, training Portuguese Water Dog and competing in agility trials, travel and volunteer endeavors.

    Kathy (Nesbitt) Kuhn
    Kathy (Nesbitt) Kuhn    Marysville, WA    kathkuhn@comcast.net


    Administrative Assistant

    My life has been full and rewarding.  I continue to utilize my secretarial skills and talents that I learned in high school and am still working part time as an administrative assistant.  I am a Lymphoma cancer survivor, which was diagnosed and treated in 2004 and am grateful that I am able to enjoy life to the fullest with my friends and family.  I have been married and divorced twice and am single with 2 grown children and 4 grandchildren.  I enjoy traveling, gardening and spending time with friends and family.

    Favorite memory:  My favorite high school memories are riding the school bus through farmlands to our house on Rosemont Road, attending the Senior Prom and other dances, making friends with all the new, friendly people that I met at West Linn High when I moved to the area from Lake Oswego in my senior year.

    Jonathan (Jon) Newkirk
    Jonathan (Jon) Newkirk    Spokane, WA    jonsmail@me.com


    Retired Extension Economist, Washington State University

    I've had an eclectic mix of "careers" including time as a refugee relief worker in SE Asia, as a registered Congressional lobbyist, as a "community organizer" helping to prevent flooding of a very productive agricultural valley, as a VW mechanic, as a member of the executive staff with a New York State Agency, and finally, after a midlife PhD in Agricultural Economics at WSU, 21 years as an Extension Economist with Washington State University.  I retired in July of 2011.  I have two sons and have married a second time.  My bucket list includes working hard to stay healthy, more time at outdoor activities, more time bicycling with my wife, more time flying my old airplane, sailing to Alaska, dirty fingernails from the garden and the auto shop, remodeling projects, and renewing connections with high school and college friends.

    Favorite memory:  Fifty years is a long time!  My West Linn memories are vague, but very positive and mainly include mind snapshots of various episodes with classmates from sports to an early foray into politics (the brains for that campaign came from others not me!), chemistry experiments gone wrong, but also the lasting disappointment of having to move before graduating.

    Thank you to whomever found my email to let me know about the 50 year reunion!

    Maxine Owens
    Maxine Owens    Thomasville, Alabama  


    Retired elementary teacher.  Working part-time now.

    I've lived in my great-grandparents' home for eleven years.  We have three generations of our family here now.  It's a pleasure being in their community and getting together for special events.

    Favorite memory:  I enjoyed the West Linn students' friendliness and helpfulness of faculty members.  I appreciate memories of the Youth for Christ club and the inspiration I, as a young Christian, received from the programs.

    William Rivers
    William Rivers    Molalla, OR    riversb@molalla.net


    Retired teacher

    Since retiring I spend a lot of time fishing, hunting and traveling.  Married with one child and two grandchildren.

    Mary L. (Wendy) Roberts
    Mary L. (Wendy) Roberts    Portland, OR    marywendy@gmail.com


    Retired--formerly Oregon State Labor Commissioner for 16 years, Prior: State Senator, State Representative, Social worker, Juvenile Court Counselor, Curriculum Consultant for a community college, real estate agent, managing rental real estate, and running small family business, and most recently, consultant, primarily to law firms on civil rights and wage and hour law .

    After being a single parent for 10 years, and leaving elected office in 1994, I married my second husband, Edward "Rhett" Simpson, who had received his degrees from Harvard, including a Masters in Architecture but who was then a VP at US Bank in facilities design and management.  Within months of our marriage, we both had changed careers and developed a life in which we could share time and entrepreneurial projects together.  This turned out to be a "life saver" for me since we were able to be together and work out of our home . . .  with him being there for me 24-7 during my breast cancer treatment and recuperation . . . Our partnership has enabled us to enjoy our retirement and travel.

    Anything else to share:  Education: Graduated from the University of Oregon where I attended the Honors College.  Received my Masters Degree in Political Science from the University of Wisconsin (Madison).  Also attended the University of Colorado for a Japanese/Chinese Language Institute on a National Defense Foreign Language Fellowship (Chinese Language).  My Chinese came in handy since I was a member of a US delegation to the People's Republic of China in 1980 and in 2000, enabling me to travel in China and meet leaders there.   The difference in the country in 20 years was incredible to see.  My sister has learned Chinese as well since she has adopted 8 children from China!  After graduating early from college, I took a freighter to Europe and traveled around there on my own for 8 months, having many adventures and visiting nearly every country except for some behind the "Iron Curtain."  I did get to cross into East Berlin and visited Bulgaria as well.  Greece and Yugoslavia were particularly fascinating . . . I love exploring and traveling.  I was able to visit Europe again 7 times since this first trip and checked off Hungary as another country visited.  I have enjoyed learning enough in various languages to enhance my experiences.. I will be returning to Scotland this year for two weeks.  My husband and I spent a week on Malta (seeing the famous stone temples of Gozo . . . and two weeks in England on one trip . . . ).  We own timeshares in Mexico (near Cancun, Yucatan and in Cabo San Lucas in Baja) and Hawaii so vacation there as well.  After 23 years in elected office, and after many and varied careers preceding those years, it has been great to have more time to pursue hobbies including nature-watching, caring for my Koi and cats and spending time with friends.  I do volunteer from time to time and do the occasional speech for a good cause.  As a breast cancer survivor, I enjoyed helping raise money to buy a digital mammography machine for a SW Oregon hospital.  I also enjoyed helping found a charity (Green Village Schools) in Portland, serving on Board for years.  We established schools in Helmand Province, Afghanistan where we reached as many as 1000 boys and girls who had never had a school in their village before, a village in which over 95% of the residents were illiterate in their native language of Pashto.  A movie was made on the school and our Afghan-American President of the Board and I was in that as well and have been pleased that it has been shown throughout the US.Favorite memory:  Playing chess with Tom Williams, Dale Liberty hanging out with various gal pals, Mr. Helliwell's logic class, being in band playing the oboe.

    I am married to Edward (Rhett) Simpson.  Have one daughter. 

    Additional information: I am now a grandmother since my daughter and her husband had a baby girl in Sept.of 2013. My daughter, a UO grad is legislative and regional outreach coordinator for METRO 
    Alan Selander
    Alan Selander   Show Low, AZ  aselander@wmonline


    Married for 25 years (almost), a daughter who will graduate from college in May, and turn 21 in September.

    Retired in 2000, and now "enjoying the good life."

    Travel frequently to California and Colorado, with trips overseas as often as possible, and trips to other parts of the US when we can.


     Kathleen (Kathy) Shipley   Santa Maria, CA      caseyship1@comcast.net

    Alive and kicking in Santa Maria, CA

    Linda Smith Roberts
    Linda Smith Roberts   Corvallis, OR    lroberts1234@comcast.net


    Retired elementary teacher

    After graduating from WLHS I attended OSU, graduating in 1966 with a BA in Education and French.  Married to Fred, a chemist with EPA and OSU, for 40 years until his death in 2008.  I taught at the elementary school level in California, Portland, and Albany, retiring in 1998. Fred and I have two daughters and four grandchildren (ages 4 to 11).  I have lived in Corvallis for the last 43 years.

    Favorite memory:  We were lucky to have grown up in the 50's and 60's...a simpler time.  I have fond memories of the friends I made while in high school.

    Anything else to share:  Now...on to the next adventure!  We're all still young!!

    Nicki Thomsen Neff
    Nicki Thomsen Neff   Rose Valley, PA    nicolaneff@gmail.com


    Scientist (biologist)

    Frank Toizer
    Frank Tozier   Carrboro, NC    ftozier@gmail.com


    IT trainer


    Have been in IT (computers) all my working life, have been a self-employed IT instructor for the last 23 years, beginning to think of retiring.  Have lived in New York City for a number of years, in Connecticut for 17 years, and in North Carolina for 17 years.  Married to Jane for 39 years, three grown children, and a first grandchild expected in May 2012.

    Dana Wartena
    Dana Wartena   Wuix, China (USA address - 588 West 400 North, Provo, Utah 84601)   danathelin@gmail.com


    University teacher

    Home web page address:  jayanddanathelin.blogspot.com

    Graduated from Brigham Young University.  Married Jay Thelin, together we had 8, interesting and exciting, children.  Have had a fun and happy life, filled with many adventures.  Now working in China for the 4th year as a English teacher at Jiangnan University.

    Favorite memory:  Overnight slumber parties, many different friends and some great teachers that I even talk about today when I teach my students here in China.  I also remember May Day and starting the West Linn Debutantes.

    Looking forward to seeing everyone at the reunion.

    Pat White
      Pat White    Sherwood, OR   emailpatfreeman@gmail.com


    Admin. Assistant in Upper School at Oregon Episcopal School

    Married to John Freeman 45 years, taught at West Linn High five years prior to the birth of our two sons. Have four grandchildren. Currently in my 23rd year working at Oregon Episcopal School. Love to ride my bicycle and have done Cycle Oregon eight times and counting.

    Bob Winkel
    Bob Winkel    Good Old West Linn, OR   bobwinkel@comcast.net


    Retired fire chief.  Retired delivery manager Lowes.  Retired semi truck driver.

    Married 48 years to Anna Wilding.  Two children and three grandchildren.  Spent 30 years in the fire service at West Linn, Beavercreek and Clackamas Fire District 1.  Worked for Enron Broadband Services until bankruptcy, Vanguard Electromechanical manufacturing, and finally retired from Lowe's Home Warehouses in February 2012.

    Favorite memory:  Getting caught by Coach Rollins skipping school to go fishing.  Leaving school behind.