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    66Corso  Robert Corso   Anacortes, WA     robert@corso.org
    I'm retired and enjoying my family, my camera, and my car.
    Favorite memory:  Winning State and meeting Dianne.
    66DallasC       C. Dallas     Anchorage, AK csdallas@gci.net


    Heavy Duty Mechanic

    Bob Dant
    Bob Dant   Portland, OR  bob@dant.biz

    Commercial Real Estate Brokerage and Investments


    Robert Gage
    Robert Gage  Eagan, MN  robt.gage@gmail.com 


    Claudette (Jones) Hallinan   Beavercreek, OR 


    Property Manager

    Bruce Kerr
    Bruce Kerr  Lake Oswego, OR  bruce@kerr.com
    Married,  lots of kids.
    Larry Landis
    Larry Landis  Tulsa, OK  lawrence_landis@yahoo.com
     Technical Writer / Information Designer

    I attended Portland State, starting as an English major, but ending up with a B.A. in math/physics. After backpacking around Europe for a year, I earned my M.A. in math and computer science from the University of Montana. I spent a number of years doing geophysical data processing for several oil and oil-exploration companies, and later worked as a software engineer for a flight simulation company. Since 1990, I've been a full-time technical writer, documenting software, developing Visual Basic applications, and designing Web sites. Since 1986, I've also been an adjunct instructor in math as Tulsa Community College.

    In 1974, I married the former Kathleen Lundberg of Missoula, Montana. We moved to Tulsa in 1976, and have 3 sons.

    Favorite memory: Mr. Saunder's English class.
    Linda Larson


    Linda Larson    Lynnwood, WA   LLLarson99@yahoo.com


    Retired Accounting professor

    Terry (Martin) Joley


     Terry (Martin) Joley   Sacramento, CA  fentondoller@sbcglobal.net


    I am a stay at home Mom now

    I have been married to Don for almost 32 years.  Our only child, Claire, is 17 and a junior.  Thru the years I have worked at banks, trust funds, hospital administration, had my own wicker business and enjoyed working in the California Wine Industry.  Claire was our surprise one month before I turned 44 and I have enjoyed staying home with her and helping at her schools.  My husband is retiring in April--he is a seed botanist for the State of California.  We love to birdwatch and hope to take lots of birding trips to add to our lifelist.  I enjoy collecting Fenton Art Glass and have an online club for Fenton bridesmaid doll collectors.  I am an 8 year Stage 3 colon cancer survivor and encourage each of you to get a colonoscopy ASAP if you haven't had one--you should have had your first one at age 50 but it is not too late now.  Also survived a brain tumor at age 50--luckily benign.

    Favorite memory:  I didn't come to WLHS till my Junior year but found such a nice bunch of people.  I remember Mr. Pond and writing for the school paper--and Dear Miss Lilly and pounding away on the state of the art Selectric typewriter (which served me well in years to come).  The Sirs Luau was so much fun.  And Clyde Peacock making everybody laugh first period--wasn't he our class clown???  And Gale Draper and his Corvette and a bunch of us squeezing in to go to the Oregon City Drive Inn.  And how nice Kathy Reinke was when she invited me to a club she started.  And Kim daring to wear pants to school and getting sent home to change two weeks before we graduated and some Senior boys being caught with a 6 pack of beer in their locker and Senior Skip Day in Seaside, Oregon (when I almost drove my Datsun 1200 off a cliff coming back in the snow!).  Meeting everyone at Bob's Drive In in Gladstone, lots of good memories--even parking up on Skyline Drive--wonder if that place is still there--probably houses now!

    I remember the night we graduated and how I knew my life would never be the same again--saying goodbye to all these people that I would probably not see much of anymore.  My daughter will be graduating next year and I have talked to her about enjoying her high school years as much as she can.  It is amazing how fast the years have gone by.



     Bob Mason     Shelton, WA     rlmason@reachone.com


    Retired teacher

    Retired and enjoying the grandchildren.

     Mike McFall
    Mike McFall    Canby, OR   mjm.3paps@gmail.com


     66OConnerC            Craig O'Connor  Canby, OR                                                                lobchuck48@yahoo.com                                                             



    Doug Rabick
    Doug Rabick   Duragngo, CO  rabick@frontier.net
     Cherrol Rivers-Pacholl
     Cherrol Rivers-Pacholl    Canby, OR    cherrolp@gmail.com


     Sandy (Thomsen) Rice
     Sandra (Thomson) Rice  West Linn, Or                Gregsandy1@comcast.net

    Russ Winner
    Russ Winner  Anchorage, AK 

    Home web page address: http://www.winnerlaw.com/

    Living in Anchorage, practicing law, married 33 years.  Come visit!
    Steven Edward Zimmerman
    Steven Edward Zimmerman  dadofcdbm@aol.com
    Job coach/trainer for vocationally challenged.

    Married for 32 years, 4 kids.

    Favorite memory: Golf and band.