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                    Craig Allen  West Linn, OR  craigatwoodworks@hotmail.com 

    Merchandise Buyer

    Two children - Both WLHS grads

    Favorite memory: Early period history - Dan Rollins coaching football - student unrest as Viet Nam heated up - speech tournaments - theater with Ted Diesel - Clark Hoss dunking at McMinnville.

    Les Balsiger


              Les Balsiger  Cheyenne, WY   lesb246@netzero.com

    College Administrator
    My youngest child, Jon, graduated from Eastern Wyoming College in May of 2015! I am still working as a college administrator at Laramie County Community College in Cheyenne, WY.  Best news of all my first grandchild is due in Feb. 2016.

    Favorite Memory:  Sirs club, all of the friends I met and have managed to maintain the relationship with some of them over the years.
    Skip Bassham
     Skip Bassham   Nashville, Arkansas  skipbassham.sb16@gmail.com

    Former educator, presently pastor

    Married 40 years to Brenda.  Four children and seven grandchildren.  Pastoring Nashville community church.  President of Equipping Saints Institute Volunteer Free Christian clinic.

    Favorite memory: Sirs Luau, wrestling, friends.

    Feel free to contact me.

    Sue (Blakely) Templeton Bradley
    Sue (Blakely) Templeton Bradley   West Linn, OR  bradleys@wlwv.k12.or.us

    Athletics/Activities Secretary at West Linn High School

    After high school I married Larry Templeton, we had two children - David  (27 years) and Tracy (25 years).  I have lived in West Linn since 1971 and both kids graduated from WLHS.  I have worked at the high school for 18 years.  Larry and I divorced in 1983 and I am sad to say that Larry passed away 6 years ago.  I am currently married to a very nice man named Monte Bradley who is a teacher and coach at Newberg High School.  I worked with Clark Hoss for 14 years running May Day and passed it along to Sally Slothower who came to work at WLHS this year.  

    I act as the keeper of history here and would love to hear from any past grads who might have mementos they would like to share with us here.

     Robert Brazeau
     Robert Brazeau  West Linn, OR   Brazeau49@yahoo.com

    Administrative law judge
    I returned to West Linn in 2003 after living in Salem for many years.  I administered an adult education program in La Grande for a few years and then moved to Salem, where I was an advocate for the developmentally disabled before entering Willamette University College of Law.  After law school, I was appointed as a judge with the Oregon Workers' Compensation Board.  I have presided over contested workers' compensation and OSHA cases there since 1985.  I will soon be retiring from State service to devote more time to other interests, such as guitar and golf.  I'm married to a district manager of TJ Maxx Stores and have two daughters, two cats and two dachshunds.  The daughters require more work than the others, even though they are allegedly grown.
    Favorite memory:  Football, track, The Sirs Luau, and hanging out with all my buddies.
     Gary D. Eckert
                Gary D. Eckert  Tacoma, WA  cskgaryeckert@aol.com
    Project Manager 
    67FanningCloAnn Clo Ann (Fanning) Jones   Milwaukie, Oregon   cloannj@yahoo.com                                                                                                                                                       

    67FarleighR    Rick Farleigh    Austin, Tx     farleighrick@gmail.com
    Retired gastroenterologist
    After living in Alaska for 33 years, I retired and moved with my wife of 34 years to Austin, Tx where I replaced cross country ski racing with tennis, and fly fish for bass instead of rainbows. Jeanne and I go to every home football game at our new local high school, and enjoy lectures at UT as part of a program for old folks. We also enjoy the diversity of music talent in Austin, and some travel. I also get back to Oregon periodically to check in on my 93 year old mother. We have 2 daughters, one is an attorney in Seattle and the other has developed a shopping app and lives in San Francisco.
    Favorite high school memories:
    Running cross country with Coach Adams, and participating in the Sirs club programs and student government.
                            Don Greenwood  Salem, OR  greenwood4345@comcast.net
    Federal Credit Union Regulator

    Neil Hankerson
      Neil Hankerson  neil@darkhorse.com
    Clark Hoss
     Clark Hoss  Portland, OR  choss@teleport.com

    Retired Teacher/Activities Director at West Linn High School
    I have been teaching, advising, and coaching at West Linn High School for the past 30 years.   I have three sons, Blake - Nathan - and Grant.
    Favorite memory: Football games in the old stadium in the lower field.  Playing against schools in the old T.Y.V. League.  Great teachers who prepared me well for college.  Some of us got away from West Linn High School, I have spent 29 years in the "halls" there!
    67SoperBarbra   Barbara (Soper) Burggwin  Indianola, WA   bburgwin@gmail.com                        
     Receptionist/Administrative Assistant
    Married & divorced twice; single; two daughters living in the same area, and 5 grandchildren within walking distance of where I live! The best! Trying to figure out a way to retire and still be able to live! I'm open to suggestions : )
    Favorite memory: The first day I walked into West Linn High School to register for classes in 1965, to find Clyde Peacock lying on the floor! There were many others, but here is probably not the appropriate place!
    If I'd known our class wasn't having a "real" reunion I wish I'd known, as I would have helped put one together! Dang!

     Patrice (Ibach) Spath
     Patrice (Ibach) Spath  Forest Grove, OR  patrice@brownspath.com
    Health Care Quality Specialist
    Home web page address:  www.brownspath.com
    Children are raised now so my husband and I have more time for our favorite pastimes - gardening, antiquing, writing, travel, etc.
    Favorite memory:  bus rides to the football and basketball games, Mr. Pond (strange), the speech team and our debate meets and the other competitions (fun!).
    I've been waiting for a reunion for the class of 1967.  When is someone going to organize one?
     Steve J. Kemnitz
      Steve J. Kemnitz    La Pine, OR  WFGRO@AOL.COM
                      Dick Knoefel  West Linn  thenoef3@aol.com
    Sales Rep
     Bob Low
      Bob Low  Arch Cape, OR  rjlow@charter.net
    Retired from the Boeing Company
    Recently divorced and now retired living on the Oregon Coast in Arch Cape (near Cannon Beach).  Retired from the Boeing Co. after 27 years.  Had 2 "careers" within the Boeing Co.,  16 years in Engineering and the last 11 years in Human Resources specializing in Compensation.
    I'm now taking up oil painting, and getting back into playing golf, tennis.
     Richard May
     Richard May  West Linn, OR  mayrk@msn.com

    Machine Planner @ West Linn Paper Company
    Married 33 years to my wife Kathy. Have 1 daughter, Tara. In my leisure time, I enjoy the beach life in Manzanita, golfing, and classic cars.
    Favorite memory:  Playing football and the Hawaiian Dance that was staged in the halls of the school.
    After living in West Linn for the past 42 years - maybe someday I'll get to "graduate" from here.

     67MillerS    Sylvia (Miller) Duncan  Salem, OR lora860@comcast.net                                                                                       

    Certified Medical Assistant, Medical and Executive Secretary, and Caregiver.  Currently Caregiver for my sweet husband.

    Married 14 years to my sweet husband. Thoroughly enjoying retired life! 😉

    Memory: Watching football and basketball games, friends.Business classes.


     Jim Nixon
              Jim Nixon  Chino Hills, CA  jplnix@earthlink.net
    Project Manager
    My wife Pam and I are living in So. California. Our daughter Lindsay is attending Lewis and Clark College, so we get back to Oregon several times a year.
    I enjoy running, Beaver football and watching Lindsay's swim meets.
     Sandra (Noe) Carl
                Sandra (Noe) Carl  Gresham, OR  s.l.carl@att.net
    Newly retired; enjoying family, friends, and home
    Favorite memory:  Cold, wet and muddy football games.  The beautiful hue mums we would wear in support of our players.
    How did I get this old?!!
     Dan O'Hollaren
         Dan O'Hollaren  West Linn, OR  danoh73@comcast.net

    Program Manager, Boeing
    Married 30 years to Diane.  A son, Paul, age 27, who's married and living in the area.  A daughter, Ashley, 21, a senior at Oregon.  6 years in the Air Force.  Working for Boeing since 1979.  Still in the Air National Guard.
    Favorite memory:  Friday night football games.  Coach Rollins's speeches at pep rallies.  Riding to school with Clark Hoss and Craig Allen in Craig's Corvair.
     Tom Pederson
               Tim Pedersen  Ohatchee, AL  bigerguy@hiwaay.net

    Field Engineer in the Cellular Industry
    Favorite memory:  Beating McMinnville for the first time in 30+ years.

     67Reitz   Paul Armin Reitz   Seattle, WA  boleynemi@gmail.com  (sister's email)                                                                         

    Professional Organist, Choir Director, Teacher

    Died July 23, 2005 in Seattle
    Posted by sister Emily Reitz Boleyn, WLHS class of 1968

     Glen Rollins
     Glen Rollins  Seattle, WA  grollins@fhcrc.org

    Douglas Robert Sample
    Douglas Robert Sample  Puyallup, WA  sample.67@hotmail.com
    Delta Airlines Customer Service 43 years
    Lived in 10 states. Traveled a lot. Was a referee and baseball umpire. Coached high school baseball with my son Casey for the last two years.  Stayed in touch with Tim and Dick.  Enjoying my grandson, Hudson Douglas Sample.  Coming back to West Linn once a month to look in on my 96-year-old parents and catch at least one West Linn football game a year.  But most of all being home with my dear wife of 35 years, Jeannie, who has Moyamoya disease and is knocking on Heaven's Door.
    Favorite memory:  Playing Football, being in The Sirs, the Luau, dating all those girls and doing Mr. Lee for everybody.
    67RussellDixie    Dixie (Russell) Gladstone    Oak View, CA                                                                                    dixegladstone@yahoo.com 
    I married my second husband in 1979. We have two grown sons, one a doctor of psychology and the other in construction...and three grandsons all living in Oregon. My husband of 38 years, Bruce 'Gladstone' (!!! no kidding,) was a graduate at Grover Cleveland in Portland, but we met in So California. I am an astrologer and I also make and sell gemstone jewelry. My husband is a psychologist. Neither of us are retired, oh, if only. I'd love the gals to come and visit my website!
     I loved High School - everything about it - all of YOU were wonderful, learning has been a never ending journey for me! Going to football and basketball games, the mums!, the teachers who made a difference and the LAUGHS! Look forward to seeing you at our 50th! 
    Rebecca Sloan  Denver, Colorado  Rebsloan49@gmail.com
    Court Reporter 
    I graduated from Southern Oregon College in 1972, worked in Eugene until moving to Denver in 1979 to attend court reporting school. I've been a court reporter in the Denver area since 1982. I adopted a 3-year-old from China in 2001. Luci is now 17 and planning on attending CU in 2017. That will keep me working for a few more years!
    Gene Solem
    Gene Solem  Vancouver, WA  nature14@comcast.net
    Following graduation in 1967, I attended college for 2 years, then served in U.S. Army 2 years, returned and received B.S. degree in Social Science/Corrections.  Worked as a counselor for 10 years assisting the developmentally challenged and economically disadvantaged to gain training and/or employment.  Became Parole/Probation Officer and worked in this capacity for 21 years.  Semi-retired now, but hoping to work in politics very soon.
    Favorite memory:  Being with my classmates on the varsity track team my senior year. Great fun and we did well in many track meets.
    I am so proud that I could accomplish so much more both professionally and scholastically beyond high school.  Still seek to learn more.
     Kazimir (Charly) Stusinski
    Kazimir (Charly) Stusinski  Clackamas, OR  kcstusi@comcast.net

    Software Developer


    John Swan
    John Swan  West Linn, OR  djhs1949@comcast.net
    Work with the TSA

    Kathleen Thorington Boughn


    Kathleen (Thorington) Boughn  Dallas, OR  kathy@4design.com
    Graphic Designer

    Enjoying our 3 children Scott, Jeff & Kim and watching our 7 grandchildren grow. What a joy! One grandchild is attending West Linn High this year and another will follow next year!

    Favorite memory: Walking down the hall and meeting the man who would become my husband and loving him as much today as I did in High School. Dancing with the Debs at the games. Making friends, going to the pep rallies, class proms, and being a part of the school clubs.

                                    Mike Umbras  Gladstone, OR      mikeumbras@gmail.com
    Happily RETIRED! 
     Lots of traveling and discovering my family history 

    Jim Veitz


    Jim Veitz  North Las Vegas, NV  warrior.234hotmail.com

    Moved to a warmer climate for more golf and flying fun!

    Jeanne (Wentzel) O'Connor  Gladstone, OR  oconnorjm@msn.com
    Retired Social Worker
    Have spent most of my post-high school days in Idaho and Texas, but have made it full-circle back to good old "Happy Rock" After graduating from University of Texas, I spent years and years as a hospital social worker in Boise, ID. My "Idaho Spud" husband, Mike, and I have been married 35 years. We have two sons, Matt and Peter, and two grand-children. Since retiring, I've been taking care of my 97 year-old mother and helping with grand-dtr, Caity Rose, who is attending school in the West Linn District and bound to be another outrageous Lion. 
    Favorite Memory:   DRAMA!!! Sitting by Coach Rollins during wrestling matches, taking notes on our guys' matches, Debs (especially our Peter Gunn number), 4 years of French with Mrs. Fogsdale, Mrs. Perrin telling me I wore my heart on my sleeve. So impressed that Robbi's Dad was our principal and Doug's Dad was our Administrator. We were in grand company back in 1967.
     Yes, I still have long, red hair
    Christy Wilkins


                         Christy Wilkins  Amity, OR                                            christy.wilkins48@gmail.com
    School Administrator

    This is updated as of 08-04-2017. I may be one of the few of my classmates who are still working!I noticed the email on this site is incorrect. I think it was there for many years so I'm sorry if I have missed hearing from any of you.I still live in Amity Oregon, and my oldest daughter lives in Lake Oswego, so I often drive by the schools and areas where I grew up and share fond memories with my grandchildren. Sometimes when I'm alone, I just stop and let the memories carry me away and I see the faces and hear the voices of my youth.

    I enjoy writing and look forward to being able to focus on it full time when I retire in two years. I still run a little but walk walk almost everyday - also enjoy hiking, backpacking, skiing & my newest hobby, snow shoeing! I am blessed with exceptionally good health and my children and grand children are all happy and healthy.
    What more could I ask for...?! I would love to hear from you

    Favorite memory:  I enjoyed being on the "Debs" dance team and spending time with my sister, Kathy, who was a senior my freshman year.  I do have a few fond memories of friends I made during the 3 years I spent at West Linn high school.  I think of them sometimes and hope they have had happy lives. 

    I left WLHS at the end of my junior year and graduated from Soquel high school in Santa Cruz Ca. It was hard leaving my friends there as I also attended Bolton grade school since the 7th grade, so I had a lot of connections.

    My two youngest children, now 23 & 25 were born here. Their father is Craig Porter. I love Oregon and knew I would return here some day...so here I am, after all of these years.


    Debby Whitten  North Las Vegas  debs3eyedfish@cox.net
    Retired From PSNS
    After serving in US Army/ active & reserves- got my LPN, then changed careers to a Machine mechanic at PSNS, retired in 2012 and the moved to LV. We travel via car or goldwing, anywhere, anytime  
    Favorite memory:  Swim team




    Joanne (Wood) Wills    Portland, OR      souperjo@gmail.com






    Wife, Homemaker, Grandmother

    Married Don Wills across the street from the school in 1971, had a son in 1978, still happily married! Our son and his wife have 3 kids: 8,7,5. 

    Robbi (Zacur) Porter


     Robbi (Zacur) Porter  Hillsboro, OR  ZACROBBI@aol.com
    Retired school counselor

    Favorite memory:  Working with Ducks Unlimited, enjoying a new life, fishing and boating