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     68AndreasDiane    Diane Andreas    Bella Vista, AK   Diane_mc1@msn.com


     Favorite High School Memory: Graduation 

    Jadeen Bailey
    Jadeen Bailey  Lincoln City, OR  Djadebailey@aol.com

    Volunteer Court Appointed Special Advocate for children in foster care

    Retired at the beach from hi-tech. Doing some consulting and volunteer advocate work.

    Favorite High School Memory:  Too long ago to remember anything significant.






    Rod A Bradley   drbmarathoner@gmail.com     

    Favorite High School Memory: Wrestling, Enjoying High School Activities And Just Having A Blast!.

     I Wish Everyone The Very Best In Life.
    Prudy (Brown) Diem
    Prudy (Brown) Diem   Prudy@Spiritone.com

    I trade stocks.

    Monday I play music with my quintet.

    Tuesday I volunteer at the hospital and teach a private belly dance class.

    Wednesday I sing in the choir and go dancing at a blues bar.

    Thursday I take a voice lesson.

    Friday I take Spanish.

    Saturday I get caught up and cook for the week.

    Sunday I go to church and then dance at a blues jam.

    Favorite memory:  I'll tell you at the reunion.

    Robert L. Carlson
    Robert L. Carlson, Jr.    Fairbanks, AK   firemanbob49@hotmail.com


    Welder / machinist

    I have been married twice and have four grown sons.  I now live in Alaska and enjoy spending time with my two granddaughters.

    Favorite memory:  Graduation day. . . lol.  Too many to list but I would have to say the pep rallies and the evening football games.

    I hope someday to come to a reunion, before I become wheelchair bound . . . lol.  Hope I see you all soon . . . . Bob

    David Crawford
    David Crawford   Hubbard,Oregon  jattv@wbcable.net



    My latest activity centers around HD video and my music development in my home studio. I will soon have my latest HD video uploaded to my VUZE.COM user account to be published to the world. The year 2008 is going to be a very busy year for me because I just unpacked 35 thousand dollars worth of HD equipment for my studio made music HD vids. Please visit my website for more info....

    Favorite memory:  My favorite memory of the HS years are those of playing FOOTBALL and the great times talking in the locker rooms with all the chums. It was a great social experience knowing more about the family life of the people of West Linn.

     Mike Day
    Mike Day  Sherwood, OR  mikeday@backwater.com

    Design Engineer


    After high school, spent four years in the Air Force. After the Air Force I worked three years for Burroughs repairing office equipment. I then snagged a fun job as a design engineer and spent the next six years designing microcomputer based telecommunications equipment. After six years I became tired of that and decided to start my own software company, US Digital. Three years later...broke, in debt, and with both heels broken from a climbing accident (long story), I went to work at Frye Electronics (no, not Fry's), designing, developing, and programming hearing aid test equipment, where I've remained. The most interesting work was the consulting work I did for Los Alamos, helping to develop laser based environmental analysis equipment (LIDAR).

    The best times in school were hanging out with friends, and having fun. The high point was helping to teach the electronics class in my senior year.

    I would love to find out what happened to Sharon Basting (first girl I ever kissed). I would also like to find Teresa Goldade to send her a thank you note (yet another long story).

    Although my decision to load my class schedule with hard classes meant that my grades were not as high as they might have been if I had taken easier classes, I've never regretted it. What I learned in high school helped to set the stage for the work I do now. Besides, it kept me from being bored.


    Charles Michael Elder
    Charles Michael Elder  Wilsonville, OR  melder@teleport.com

    Registered Chemical Engineer
    Business Owner

    I went to U of O after graduation, worked for a while at different jobs, married a girl from Virginia, went to OSU for a chemical engineering degree, became an environmental engineer, and earned a private pilot license.  After 35 years of aimless wandering, I'm trying hard now to follow my heart.

    My fondest memories of high school are playing quarterback on the freshman and JV football teams, the Rising Sons, the Sirs Club, putting signs on people without their knowledge, and my first and only girlfriend, Melissa.

    After mom died in 1968, my heart closed and remained that way for a long time.  But in 2001, my heart was opened again by an old friend, an angel really.  She encouraged me to "see" with my heart, and she taught me that when we're in the arms of an angel, there is no bottom, no top, no horizon - just timeless, unconditional Love.  I realize now that we are all angels; we just have to open our arms.

                               Marc Gibson  Oregon City  NPIhomeinspect@aol.com

    Home Inspector

    Randall Giles
    Randall Giles  Madras Tamil Nadu, South India  rgiles@eth.net ;  randall.giles@gmail.com

    Church musician, composer, professor

    I'm still writing music, with about 30 published pieces now, and about ten times that many unpublished ones. My biggest piece so far is a St John Passion for eight solo singers, a small orchestra and an eight part chorus. But I am not writing a lot ( some, but not much) in the past five years or so. Instead, I've been traveling a lot around Asia and the Pacific region, doing music and liturgical education for the Anglican communion as a missionary of the Episcopal  Church USA. I'm also doing part time teaching at two Theological colleges in South India (Bangalore and Madras).

    Favorite memory: Playing Joe Dynamite in "Wildcat," freshman year, with the Senior Girls (class of '65)  fawning over my makeup, and playing Mr. Smith in "The Bald Soprano" in my junior year; playing in the orchestra; singing in the Mixed Ensemble a small  choral group that met at 7:30 am (ugh!) daily!

    Anything else to share: Nice to see this website. I don't know why I didn't look for it a long time ago.




           Rich Hefferon  Bergeb County   rhefferon@asrco.com


    National Sales Manager for Consumer Products Company

    Married.  Very active.  Still play some hoops and like to do some golfing in my spare time.  Love beating Russell and Barham in golf.  Travel picking up.  Would love to attend an alumni event if given lead time.

    Playing basketball, baseball with the boys.  Dating Joyce Long (don't know her married name) and having lunch with Barham and the boys outside.  Overall fond memories.

    Love to hear from some of these folks.

    Ann (Kehrli) Irvin
    Ann (Kehrli) Irvin  Molalla, OR  aairvin@molalla.net

    Real estate broker

    I have been working harder than ever before helping people buy and sell homes.  Aside from that I love to garden, live on a 9 acre farm with 2 of each: dogs, cats, horses.  Just getting ready to put in a garden--I love that!

    Favorite memories: I loved homecoming and May Day and working in drama.  Water skiing with high school friends in the summers was fun too; and Mr. Rollin's world geography class and all his outlines.  I think I did every chapter in the book--he always caught me talking!

    The reunion was so fun and Patti's home is so lovely.  I get around the whole metro area often so if you want to visit please call me!

    Jane (Kennerly) Straight
    Jane (Kennerly) Straight   Oregon City, OR  jane2u1@hotmail.com

    Home Business

    Happily remarried for 8 years. 2 kids, Adam and Amie, both married.  We have 4 grandchildren, Mason, Marissa, Madeline, and Kameron.  Busy house hunting right now.  Our home goes on the market soon.  Son-in-law getting ready for active duty.  Will be gone the better part of 2003.

    Favorite memory: Dances, football games, running around with friends and enjoyed some of my classes :)

    Joyce (Long) Pepper Romine
    Joyce (Long) Pepper Romine   Wilsonville, OR  rominejoy@msn.com

    It is now 2009 and I am retired. Grandson is 13, our kids live nearby, learning how to be retired. . . not easy when you have been on a school schedule for 34 years.

    Favorite memory: Cheering muddy football games, laughing hysterically at Rich Hefferon's jokes, enjoying Bonnie's SS class, dating juniors my frosh year, dating juniors my senior year, the Bag Rush (who thought of this?), learning to drive Baisc's VW, Chariot Races, crazy double dates with Bill and Sue, attending Outdoor School with Prudy, driving the Valiant to practices with Marsha, getting into mischief with Sally (OC's trophy cases), May Day festivities every year, being inspired by Mrs. Canon, pep assemblies (with Coach Brown's "Rouse `em, Souse `em," Rollin's inspiring pep talks, Sir's Card Section & Bat Man), and knowing most of our classmates' names.  So carefree!

    Matt Miner
    Matt Miner  Portland, OR  mminer@hevanet.com

    Freelance video producer

    After 33 years in public broadcasting, I have moved on to independent video production.  Sasha and I have been married since 1981, and have two sons, Michael, 23, and Haven, 16.

    Emily(Reitz) Boleyn  Happy Valley, OR  boleynemi@gmail.com
    Laboratory Scientist
    (BSMT from PLU, MPA:HA from PSU); worked as a Med Tech in Boston, Oregon City, with Portland Adventist, and then for 22 years with Providence Health and Services. Retired as quality/compliance manager for Providence Regional Labs.
    Mother to two daughters, Grammie to four grandsons, still married to same guy since 1971.  Handbell Choir director for 40+ years.  Enjoying watercolor painting, gardening, bike riding, hiking, reading, and quilting in retirement
    Favorite High School Memory:
    Drama productions (Little Mary Sunshine, Camelot, Bald Soprano, Midsummer Night's Dream), Debs my senior year, taking calculus, teaching the freshman girls how to do the May Pole dances, outdoor school with Sharon Fisher, Ann Serell and Sandy Maier) but most of all the many friendships that are still going strong!
     Roxanne Renn Nicholson
    Roxanne Renn Nicholson  Yakima, WA  rknicho@charter.net


    I have been married 37 years.  I have one beautiful daughter, a great son-in-law and 2 fantastic grandchildren, Jordan 15 and Mercedes 11.  I was a Police dispatcher for 24 years, and now I am a full time seamstress.

    Favorite memory:  High school was great!!  I made wonderful friends and have many lasting memories

    Carol (Rivers) Weston
    Carol (Rivers) Weston  Prineville, OR   westonjc@aol.com


    Retired after 31 years with Oregon Human Services and Dept. of Justice. Co-owner with family of Central Oregon Block, Prineville Oregon

    Favorite memory:  Great friendships that have carried on through the years!! Go GG's

     David Russell
    David Russell  Lake Oswego, OR  david.s.russell@state.or.us

    Business Analyst

    I live in Lake Oswego. I have a teenage daughter who attends Lakeridge High. I work for PERS. Yes, THAT PERS! My folks still live in West Linn so I get back there often.

    Favorite memory: The Sirs Luau would have to rank right up there with the good times. Looking back it was rather nice to have been so school-centric. Attending football, basketball, wrestling and baseball events was always fun as was running around afterward and trying to hook up with friends. Saturdays spent going from one person's house to another filling up the car and then back again as we dropped people off was a kick. Some of those poker parties at Fred's house were a thrill. In retrospect just hanging out in the hall by the apple machine was a pretty good time.

    I occasionally get together with a few 1968 classmates, a mini-reunion of sorts. They are usually at a local eatery or pub. If you'd like to be informed of the next gathering just drop me a line.

    Stephen H. Russell,DC  Vancouver, Washington  DrStephen.Russell@gmail.com
    Business Owner
     After graduating I joined the Navy and spent two tours in VietNam with Naval Intelligence. During that time I became a Christian (September 1971), and still love the Lord today. I know that sounds trite, but at least it is true. When I got out I did my undergraduate work at PSU and got a double major in Math and Economics. Went to Western States Chiropractic College to receive my doctorate. I practiced in Vancouver for several years and some how got involved in wall decor. I owned four stores at one time and then morphed to a wholesale company that has sold pictures to over 350 different furniture stores in the western USA. Today I still provide pictures and make everything in my small factory in Vancouver, WA. 
    Favorite Memory:  I really can not remember too much from high school other than just trying to get through each day with out getting beat up and to graduate on schedule. For the most part I succeeded. 
     The best advice I ever got was: 1. Take a look at where you are today 2. Take a look at your actions today 3. Where do you want to be in five years 4. Will my actions today get me to where I want to be in five years? I sincerely hope all who graduated with me has had a wonderful life full of contentment and joy.  

    Dick Schalk
    Dick Schalk  Portland, OR  kidklash@att.net

    Director, Roland Products

    I remarried in 1973 (Marsha and I celebrated our 29th anniversary on August 4, 2002).  We both enjoy music, going to Blazer games, walking our Brittany, gardening, native American art and exploring the ancient ruins and cultures found in the Southwest.

    I began working for an electronics firm (OECO) in 1973 as a mechanical engineer.  I left OECO in 1976 to begin working for the firm I'm presently working for; first as a mechanical engineer, than as the engineering manager, then as a division project manager, and now as director of R&D and manufacturing.  My job has taken me all over the world and has allowed me to meet many interesting people.

    I still enjoy playing music as a "serious hobby," and play at several benefits each year.  My band "The Executives" has written and released six CDs since 1996.  I also released a new solo album named "SingleZero" in 2003.  These CDs are available at www.cdbaby.com and www.towerrecords.com.

    Some of my favorite high school memories are of the sock hops after the games; playing in the WLHS band; playing in my bands "The Wayds" and "Orchid Storchy" at the Willamette Fire Hall; winning the battle of the bands at Willamette park; slipping out to Bonny Lynn's for a shake; driving Don Schmiser nuts in class; watching Doug Sample drive all the other teachers nuts; cruising around on my Honda; and hanging out with my friends.

    John Seaver
    John Seaver   Yucaipa, CA   john@conadserv.com


    CEO /Founder small construction support services company

    Married for 29 years (2nd time) with 2 children and 5 grandchildren. Have lived and worked in 5 states and traveled to Europe / Mexico / Australia / and SE Asia (compliments of Uncle Sam)/ Now in So. Ca. for 4 1/2 years and the weather is great.

    Favorite memories:  Good friends, Dixey-Kraut 5 ensemble, dating , Friday games, after game parties, crazy Tim White, water skiing, 58 Chevy, Leslie Levy, It's all good!!--except the party that was raided at Bill Pepper's barn???? LOL

    Sara Sally (Slothower) Wall
     Sara Sally (Slothower) Wall   Milwaukie, OR  abi33@msn.com



    I retired as the Career Center Coordinator at West Linn High School following the 2004 school year. I was also the May Court Advisor and truly enjoyed working with those students so closely.

    I now help my husband with his three businesses and assist my father-in-law in taking care of my mother-in-law who suffers from Alzheimer's disease.

    My most precious memories also include the many friends I made in high school; many of which I still keep in contact with and see at least once a year. I consider the experience of serving on the May Court as a magical memory.

    You probably remember my sister, Sandy, class of '67. I lost my best and closest friend when she tragically passed away in May of 2002. My dad passed away in May of 2003 and my mom was killed in a car accident in January of 2004. To say I have experienced loss and grief is an understatement. But, I've learned a few important lessons: Each day is a blessing, don't waste it; spend some of your retirement money now on something you've always wanted to do or have 'cause you may not be here for your retirement; use the good china and the good crystal, don't just save it for special occasions; what doesn't kill you makes you stronger; your shoulders are broader than you think; memories are more precious than money, gold, diamonds, fancy cars and luxury homes; don't hesitate to often tell your friends and family that you love them, it may be the last words you'll say to them!

    Ross V. Smith
             Ross V. Smith   Sandy, OR              ross.smith8456@gmail.com


    Still married to Judy (46yrs) 3 Children, 3 grandchildren, started StoneCreationsNW about 8 yrs ago and play with that some.

    Do a few fishing trips each year just to stay in practice. Like the coast so I spend time there, health is still good so I travel when I can, been going to Blazer games lately, I like that. Not much else I guess, would like to connect with some people I went to school with, not sure how to do that.

    Favorite Memory:  I think the football game were great.

    Marc Stone
    Marc Stone   Oregon City, OR   mgibsplace@aol.com

    Home and Commercial Building Inspector

    After high school I was in Vietnam.  Went to college after the service.  Spent many years as a owner/operator of my MAC Tools business.  Sold the business and started a professional business as a Home and Commercial Inspector.  Have owned Northwest Property Inspections for many years.  Re-married now for 18 wonderful years.  My daughter has two great children.  Hard to believe being a grandpa.  My wife and I travel the country touring on our Harley motorcycles.  Yes, we have been to Sturgis and many other great places.  Just recently returned from Washington D.C. went to the Vietnam Wall, too many names on the wall, some were friends.  We just enjoy life each day.

    Favorite memory:  Old girlfriends and drive in movies.  Old cars that I had, wished I had them now.  Still remember some teachers, especially one, wow paid attention in her class.

    Anything else to share?  Take life one day at a time and keep looking forward.

    Had to go by my stepfather's last name in high school; however, after graduation I went by my real name of Gibson.



           Bob Teters   Milwaukie, OR     r_teters@yahoo.com

    Project manager

     Patty Wall White
    Patty Wall White    Newberg, OR   

    Retired nurse, currently CFO Cascade Pools

    CFO swimming pool construction company

    Home web page address: www.cascadepoolsandspas.com

    After high school I graduated from Good Samaritan Hospital Nursing School and ended up working up at OHSU as an operating room specialist in vascular and general surgery. After I got married to Spencer in 1977 and had our daughter and son, I took time off to be a full time mom for the next 18 years. In 1995 I started working for my husband at Cascade Pools, doing payroll, accounts receivable and filling out all those @#%^* tax forms. I'm still here, but hope to retire one of these days while I'm still young enough to enjoy it. Now I'm working on the 40 year reunion, set for Sept. 6, 2008. It's so much fun remembering "way back when" and finding out where people have landed 40 years later. Where has the time gone?!

    Favorite memory:  I had a great group of friends in high school, Ann Serrell, Nancy Kennedy, Carol Peck & Dixie Russell (1967), just to name a few. Tim White & Terry Adovnik were 2 that I got in trouble talking to in class. My, how my voice carried! I loved being on Debs my senior year. What skinny legs I had back then, hence the nickname Toothpicks & Skinny Minnie (not such a favorite). The plays, "1984" & "Camelot" were such a hoot to be part of. Learning to drive with Coach Rollins was quite the experience...sorry about all those near misses!

    I love being in my late 50's now knowing that life is not nearly as serious as I thought it was in 1968. I play more, worry less. I try to do 1 marathon (walking) a year, travel to see friends and family whenever invited, sing in the church choir, and generally enjoy each day as it comes. I have the fortune of having a very supportive, loving husband who spoils me rotten. Life is good.

    Sylvia Wieme (Deskin)
    Sylvia Wieme (Deskin)    West Linn, OR       

    Office Manager

    Home web page:  www.AppraisaLNW.com

    Four grandchildren.

    Favorite memory: Graduating!!

    Susan E Williams  Vancouver, WA  justsuz@q.com



    Don Wills    Portland, OR    don2wills@gmail.com






    Retired, Computers

    Computer Tech, Network admin, self-employed, retired
    Marriage 47 years and one son
    3 Grandkids

    Favorite memory:  Drama, Music, Chemistry

    Anything else you would like to share:  Camelot, A Midsummers Night Dream

    Roseanne (Wood) Doane
    Roseanne (Wood) Doane    Sylva, North Carolina    stronado@dnet.net  

    Medical Technologist (retired)

    Graduated from University of Oregon (BS-Biology), went to Peace Corps, graduated from Ohio University (MAIA), worked awhile as a Medical Technologist, worked for Indian Health Service, met and married Steve Doane (a pharmacist commissioned officer with the US Public Health Service), had a son (Nathan), homeschooled him, moved a lot, played at several other occupations, about to be a mother-in law (2009)...

    Favorite memory:  Quite a few that all center on academics, certain classes and classmates, and memorable teachers.