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           Margery Bare   Portland, OR   Lion paw icon   scoutmjb@comcast.net                     


    Real Estate Broker

    I've been a free spirit living from the San Francisco Bay area to Washington DC. But now I'm back in the beautiful Northwest, absolutely the best place to live! My career has always involved sales from real estate to high tech and back to real estate again.

    Favorite memory:  Riding the bus to football games, hanging out with Carla, enjoying a mostly-friendly rivalry with OC...and of course "swimming at Bare's."

    Anything else to share:  I just heard I missed our reunion last weekend and was so disappointed. Looking forward to the next one!

    Home web page address: http://www.betterhomesnw.com

     70Berberick Rae Marie (Berberick) Wightman  Portland, OR    rwightman98@gmail.com


    Favorite Memory: I always had fun with the girls of GAA
    Comments: After working as a nurse for 30+ years, I retired 6 years ago.  I am having fun going on trips and visiting with friends

    Jeff Bidgood
    Jeff Bidgood lion paw icon  Vancouver, WA lion paw icon  ridarr@teleport.com 
    Paula (Boeckman) Michels
    Paula (Boeckman) Michels  Woodburn, Oregon   pibbles52@hotmail.com


    Executive Assistant to President of Farmers Insurance Company




           Daniel R Bradley   West Linn and the World  drbmarathoner@gmail.com  


    Building Telecom High Speed Fiber Networks

    Working, traveling, and having a blast!

    Flashback High School memories are always special and especially the wild/crazy keg parties memories! Wow!

    Debra (Brandow) Bell
    Debra (Brandow) Bell  Oregon City, OR 
    Maria C. (Edwell) Fosberg
    Marie C. (Edwell) Fosberg  Gladstone, OR  fosbergm@wlwv.k12.or.us

    Educational Assistant at Wilsonville High School

    Cynthia (Green) Wright
    Cynthia (Green) Wright    Stanwood, WA  


    I loved the two-block walk uphill to the high school every morning!  And I was thankful to be going downhill at the end of the day!!

    70HammondN   Nancy Hammond    Minneapolis, MN       nlh1952@gmail.com
     Clinical Psychologist

    Alan Hull
    Alan Hull  Estacada, OR  alhull1130@aol.com


    Fire Chief, Estacada Fire

    Home web page address:  www.estacadafire.org

    I served 7 years in the Coast Guard and then was hired as an EMT/Firefighter for Estacada Fire.  Have been here since 1977.  Married with 4 children oldest are my twins @ 13, youngest a boy 11 years old.  Most of my friends my age have grandkids the same age as my kids!

    Favorite memory:  Wrestling was big for me, and of course being in love with Linda was what I remember the most.

    Mark Simpson's mom called me to inquire about a 40 year class reunion--she was checking it out for Mark, who's in Alaska, I was just following up for her and saw this site.


    Marsha (Lohman) Maxam
    Marsha (Lohman) Maxam  Molalla, OR 

    See blog
    70Manning  Dale L. Manning    Lake Oswego, OR   dalelmg1@comcast.net
    Taking it easy. Had pacemaker put in couple of years ago.

    Jim Miller
    Jim Miller  Chicago, IL  jimmiller23@comcast.net


    Managing Director, IAT Reinsurance Ltd.
    70Nicholson   Dave Nicholson    Milwaukie, OR        gpd18@comcast.net
     Retired Police Officer/Detective
     Married 38 yrs. 2 sons both police officers 3 grandsons 2 granddaughters. Love to travel and BBQ
    Favorite Memory:  It's still just a blur 
    Steve O'Hollaren
    Steve O'Hollaren  Portland, OR  smodcm52@msn.com
                          Lynne Rader McKay Creager  Lena, MS  lmcreager@gmail.com


    Favorite memory:  Senior year I was walking to class in an almost deserted hall.  Paul Boettcher passed me and said "Hi, Lynne." It was one of those days I felt soooo elated to be acknowledged !  Thanks Paul!!
    Mike Sayre
    Mike Sayre  Portland, OR  mikesayr1@gmail.com


    Food service industry for 30 years

    Favorite memory:  Singing in choir with Monte Zacher, Jerry Baunach
                   Judy Schumacher  Punta Gorda, FL  goodasgoldy@yahoo.com


    I spend as much time as possible at the beach and with my granddaughter.

    Favorite memory:  Sneaking smokes in the old building, upstairs in the old bathroom.  Of course, I don't smoke anymore!

    I see a lot of you on Facebook and you haven't changed a bit!
    Scott M. Smith
    Scott M. Smith  Fullerton, CA  scottsmith2377@yahoo.com

    Maddie and Rick had their first child May 2003 and her name is Savannah. Andy and Wendy are expecting their second child Jan 1, 2005. They have a boy Ethan who was born on July 3, 2004. Our youngest is getting married April 2005 so I will be adding another daughter. Next year will be 35 years since I have seen a lot of you. I hope that I can make our class reunion.

    I converted to The Church of Jesus Christ of Latter-Day-Saints in 1971. I am actively involved with the Young Men in the Ward after spending the previous 2 years as the Ward Missionary Leader.
                  Colleen Wenrick Miller  Spokane, WA  orn466@comcast.net