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     Jason Allison
    Jason Allison  Clackamas, OR  jallison@tillamookcheese.com

    Sales executive

    I am married with two children.  My wife owns a consulting business based in Beaverton.  My daughter and three year-old grandson live in Gladstone.  She is the manager of the men's shoe department at Nordstrom's.  My son is in the Marine Corps.  He and his wife live in Oceanside, California and are expecting my second grandson.  I am the National Sales Manager for the Tillamook County Creamery Association.  I enjoy traveling around the United States selling Oregon's finest dairy products.  We have a little cabin in Long Beach, Washington we enjoy getting away to.  I enjoy playing golf when time allows.

    Carol (Bietschek) Vinson
    Carol (Bietschek) Vinson   Gladstone, OR    bietschek@comcast.net



    Customer service

    Les Brenner
    Les Brenner   West Linn, OR    lesone@msn.com


    Retired communications technician

    I have two grown young women who are both West Linn alumni.  Coached Girls' Fastpitch Softball for many years, also umpired.  My wife and I get to travel to visit our daughter in the islands and also family.  Plan to return to work for a few more years.

    Favorite memory:  High school was a good memory.  After game food run Original Taco House, that was good.

     Sally A. (Cloyd) Wallace
    Sally A. (Cloyd) Wallace  Kelso, WA    sally.wallace.kelso.wednet.edu@phl6.note.com

    Administrative Asst., Kelso School District, WA

    Busy raising three children and working!  That's enough!  And I've been loving it!

    Favorite memory: Not many, I was pretty shy and uninvolved back then.  However, I was proud to receive the Outstanding Business Student award my graduation year!  That's been my only claim to fame, education-wise!  It served me well, though, I've been an executive secretary every since, and have enjoyed that choice of career very much.  Also, my good friend from high school, Linda Hohman.  She rescued me from my loneliness and was the best friend to me.  I've lost touch with her and would love to make contact.

    71CameronK  Ken Cameron   Milwaukie, OR     fogbgken@gmail.com
     Research Geologist
    Married, two grown kids. After grad school at PSU I got a job with the USGS at the Cascade Volcano Observatory (1981-1991)and after that at ODEQ working on the hydrology and geology of toxic waste sites/
    71Groves    Rebbecca M GrovesTidewater, OR                                                                             rebbeccagroves@gmail.com   
    I have retired from two jobs, now I do landscape maintenance as a side line. I love being outside. I am single and have a son, daughter-in-law and a grandson. I stayed in the West Linn/ Milwaukie area until 2007 when I then moved here to Tidewater. My dad is gone but my mom is still alive and lives in the same house in Robinwood. 

    Becky (Hauck) Peterson
    Becky (Hauck) Peterson  Oregon City, OR  bb_peterson@msn.com

    Portland General Electric for 30-plus years

    I have lived in Oregon City for the last 21 years and sorry to say I have a son who played football for those Pioneers.  That was hard.

    Comments:  Not a lot. My son got married this past summer (2009) to alumni Les Brenner's daughter.  What a small world.  I am looking forward to retiring soon, but not soon enough.

    Favorite memory:  All of High School gives me great memories.  After games at the Taco House, their sauce bottles helped decorate my first apartment, I know they were in others' dorm rooms too. 

    In three years, you know how young we will be then, my friends Jeannette Stone, Robbie Davies, Jan Stanley and whoever else wants to join us are planning a wonderful, fun, sunny, trip to Maui.  YEA.

     Marilyn (Hull) Dunaway
    Marilyn (Hull) Dunaway   Salem, OR    AprilQuebec@cs.com


    I work for the Oregon Department of Justice; my husband is a Correctional Corporal at the Oregon State Penitentiary.  Our daughter and our two little granddaughters live nearby.

    Julie Kahle
    Julie Kahle  Wilsonville, OR  KahleJ@wlwv.k12.or.us

    Administrative Assistant @ West Linn High School

    I have two wonderful children who graduated from West Linn High School.  One is a teacher and the other just graduated from the University of Oregon.

    I live on our family farm in Wilsonville.  We raise organically fed sheep.

    Anne (Kennerly) Strutzenberg
    Anne (Kennerly) Strutzenberg

    Anne (Kennerly) Strutzenberg succumbed to lung cancer on October 9, 2005, a mere 15 weeks after diagnosis.  She is survived by her husband, Marvin, their son, Arthur, and his wife, Lynn. 

    (This update was submitted 8-10-2007)

    Michael O'Connor
    Michael O'Connor   West Linn, OR   mandjoconnor@comcast.net


    Financial Services Director - OLCC



      Linda (Padie) Dewing   Wasilla, AK  auroralightsservices@gmail.com



    Brad Poyser
    Brad Poyser    Oregon City, OR   ocpoyser@hotmail.com
    71Sparks   Thomas Sparks   Molalla, OR     flytyertoo@gmail.com
     Sales & Service - Antique Motorcycle Works

                                  Alice Ray    Yamhill County     alibur5262@gmail.com


    I am retired from a major utility(After-The-Fact Accounting)in 2009, and more recently from a non-profit organization that helps to employ disabled adults.


    Currently the things that occupy my time are working with natural fibers such as wool and alpaca fleece; watercolor painting; and, needle crafting. I play at writing and enjoy reading.


    Favorite Memory

    Having come to West Linn High from Wilsonville Grade School, I have many "smiley" memories of crossing paths with each of my grade school class mates. Mostly my friend Elaine Bruenderman and I remained friends throughout high school. I haven't seen her in such a long time....I miss her. Overall, West Linn was a good school and all my memories are good ones



     Claudia Starr    Doha, Qatar  go2claudia@yahoo.com


    Director-Al Shaqab, Center at Qatar Foundation in Education City

    Home web page address:   www.alshaqab.com 

    It has been great hearing from a few voices from the past who have contacted me. However, I would still like to hear from more of you. I come to Oregon every year in the summer. 

    Favorite memory:  Track and Field, and lots more.......

    I am hoping to catch up with some past school friends online. 


    Susan Stubbs
    Susan Stubbs   Milwaukie, OR  susanstubbs@susansmail.com

    Physical Therapist