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    Kim Anicker
      Kim Anicker  Bainbridge Island, WA  kimani@safeco.com

    Corporate Librarian, SAFECO Insurance Companies, Seattle Washington

    Graduated from Lewis & Clark College in 1976, where I met my husband, John Willson , in 1975. Enjoy traveling,

    working int he garden, backpacking, and reading.

    Being an exchange student in Germany. I went on to major in English literature and German.

    Attended a Junior Year Abroad Program at the University of Munich.



    Rick Asche
     Rick Asche     West Linn, OR    rasche@opusnet.com

    Electrical Engineer

    Over 30 years at the power company. Keeping the equipment running so that we have lights and heat.

    Less than 8 states to visit and I will have been in all 50 states.



    Becky Bidgood
     Becky Bidgood    Vancouver, WA    rjdarr11@gmail.com

    College administrator



    Patricia "Trish" (Block) Rooney
     Patricia "Trish" (Block) Rooney  Cortland, OH  plrooney@hotmail.com

    I have mostly been a "stay at home" wife and mother

    One of my favorite memories is spending my ISP in the restroom with Gail Jenner Lough, playing Gin,

    eating kippered snacks, cream cheese and crackers, then getting in fights about cheating! 
    With all the yelling, we almost got caught! 



     Darlene (Brown) Carpenter
     Darlene (Brown) Carpenter  Wilsonville, OR  darcarp@aol.com

    Admin Sales - Cement Manufacturing

    Married to Michael Carpenter (class of '69). We have five kids - Nicole-32, Brandy-29, Christopher-27, Cary-26

    and Casey-22. I have worked for Ash Grove Cement Company for the last 25 years (the cement plant that's
    old site is now Oswego Pointe) and Michael is a retired firefighter from Tualatin Valley Fire. Our youngest
    graduates from college August '02. I'll work another seven years and will retire at 55. We have a second home
    at Black Mountain in Eastern Oregon. Spend time there snowmobiling, four-wheeling, relaxing and practicing
    for retirement. Have 11 grandkids (four inherited with marriages)--can you believe it. Have had some health
    problems with my heart, but doing fine now. Feel great. Glad we have reached this point in our lives.
    Really taking time to "smell the roses" and relax after so many years of working and raising a family.

    Just attended our 30th reunion. Shame on anyone who did not go. We had a fabulous time and thank you

    to the committee that put it all together. It's so awesome to feel and leave all those high school antics
    behind and enjoy the people for who we are. It was a terrific evening and I encourage anyone who hasn't
    been attending their reunions to do so.

    Favorites: Football games, dances afterward, pep assemblies, the apple machine at the top of the stairs by

    the office. Home Ec - Ms. Pitts. Meeting and making life time friends.

    Least favorite: Mrs. Brooks sent me to the office for sitting with my leg under my bottom under the desk

    rather than both legs on the ground. It was right after rally tryouts. Mr. Zacur said my punishment would
    be that if I made the squad I would be removed to alternate. Guess what, it happened.....that has stayed
    with me all my life. Parents now a days would have gone to him and told him to "stick it", but remember
    the early 70's. Teachers, principals were gods to our parents. Guess it's time to get over it. The only good
    coming from that may be that I was the charter Wilsonville High School Booster Club President working for
    the good of all students (my kids included).


    Cindy Chaffee
     Cindy Chaffee   Portland, OR  cindychaffee@comcast.net


    Personal Development and Career Coach



     Nancy (Dichtel) Leever
     Nancy (Dichtel) Leever  Medford, OR  nleever@charter.net

    Looking forward to visiting daughter, Shannon (18) in Denmark in May '04 where she has been on a year long

    Rotary Youth Exchange and son, Jeremy(21) in New Zealand where he is on exchange from Cal Poly, SLO.

    I play a lot of tennis, enjoy snow skiing and travel with my husband.

    I still keep in contact with Abbas Yongocolu from Istanbul, Turkey who lived with my family and attended

    WLHS in '68-'69.  He is a professor in Ottawa, Canada where h e lives with his wife and two grade school age sons. 
    Susie Edwards
     Susie Edwards  San Juan Capistrano, CA  aliceed1@yahoo.com

    Office staff, bartender part-time

    I moved to So. Cal. about 2 years ago. The weather is wonderful, and the town I live in is interesting, always

    something going on!

    Favorite memory:  Favorite? Too many to list, but my most favorite was graduation!

    Gary Eppelsheimer
     Gary Eppelsheimer       West Linn, OR
    Retired Teacher from West Linn High School 
    Favorite memory: I loved being an outdoor school counselor, and being may Day Manager was fun.  Teaching 
    is a great profession, and it's great to teach in the same school I graduated from. 
    72stubbsbarbara  Barbara (Kuzma) Stubbs    Kingman, Arizona       jobkuzma@gmail.com
    Horticulturalist, Teacher, Retired
    Married Joe Kuzma 1975, graduated OSU 1976, lived in Medford five years then bought
    small farm outside Salem and started Kuzma Horticultural Enterprises. We worked hard at
    the nursery, renovated the house and started our family. Sold the business and moved to
    Arizona in 2001. I substitute taught then got Math & Science certification, retired in 2014.
    I play clarinet, saxophone and piano in community groups and at nursing facilities. I enjoy
    gardening, sewing, knitting and visiting friends. Daughter, Janis is married with three
    children, son, Bob, teaches Math at our community college.
    Favorite Memories:  Band, Orchestra and Greenhouse classes, winning District and
    State FFA Horticulture competitions good times with good friends.

     72Murray            Kathie Murray    Hood River, OR      kalley97031@gorge.net