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                     Glen Baggerly     bagg3@comcast.net


    William M. Bailey
    William M. Bailey, M.D.    Newberg, OR   DocWMB@aol.com


    Family practice physician

    Home web page address:  www.chehalemmedicalclinic.com

    Linfield College 1975-79, OHSU 1979-83.  Family practice internship/residency in Bakersfield, CA 1983-86.  Practicing in Newberg, OR since 1986.  Married to Ellen in 1980, 2 kids, Vicki (1984) and Steven (1986.)

    75Bruck          Debra(Bruck)WheelerRainier,OR                                                         Debannwheeler@gmail.com
    Owner of Gear Tech Inc and Gear Tech Mechanical LLC 
    Widowed mom of 2 adult children and grandmother of 5. Attend Abundant Life church and love to travel. Brazil is next scheduled trip! Keep busy with 74 acres and 2 businesses 





    Mark Cramer
    Mark Cramer  Wilimington, North Carolina   mtcramer@gmail.com

    Headmaster, The Roger Bacon Academy



    Graduated from OSU in 1979.  Joined USMC after graduation.  Retired as a Major in 1999.  Spent next year in Japan as the administrator for private school.  Joined The Roger Bacon Academy in 2000 as Headmaster and CEO.

                                      Katie Daly  kdaly@cfai.com  
    Sara Delaney and I are gathering alum via Facebook [have 70 now] in anticipation of our 40th reunion in 2015.  Please join us.
     Betsy (Dunlop) Moss
     Betsy (Dunlop) Moss  Beaverton, Oregon      mommymoss@hotmail.com
    Administrative assistant, Sage
    I have been married for 32 years, have two grown daughters, Heather (28) and Ashley (22) and one grandson Blake (3).  Enjoy spending time with my family.

     75Hyde              Mitchell Hyde  Los Angeles, CA                                                                                                 mitchellhyde0317@gmail.com




    Left West Linn early 1976 for sunny San Diego.  Moved to Los Angeles 1984.  Never did miss the rain.

                                        Deb Luchs     Aurora, Oregon   

    Administrative Assistant

    Married, two great daughters ages 14 & 20.  Working, family life, softball, college -- all is good.

    Paula Manning
    Paula Manning  Roseberg, Oregon      phausotter@yahoo.com
    Catering, Cleaning, Lithography
    I only attended WLHS in 1972. I then moved to Guam and graduated in 1975. I have and older brother Eric Manning that also attended WLHS. I have been able to travel quite a bit. I have been married for 25 years, and have 3 children.
    Favorite Memory: I remember we had fun teasing Miss Trout ( French Teacher) and MR. Pond about when the two of them would be a couple. (Because of their last names)
    I no longer have my 1975 year book. I would appreciate any info on how to locate one.
    Ian McCutcheon
    Ian McCutcheon   Houston, TX    imccutch@mdanderson.org



    Working hard in academic medicine at the M D Anderson Cancer Center in Houston...specializing in tumors of brain, spine and (especially) pituitary. Married with two grown but not-yet-independent children.

    Favorite memory:  French class with Miss Trout, AP English class with Mrs. Sweet, all my many friends, and making the state finals with the Hi-Q team!

                                Steve Moles  jackiechan1956@yahoo.com
                          Steven Phillipson  Troutdale,OR                                                        steven.m.phillipson@usps.gov

    U.S. Postal Service Hazardous Materials

    75Polehn   Pam Polehn   pamleeding@hotmail.com

     Tom Pope   

    Tom Pope  West Linn, OR  popeatcsm@aol.com


    Golf industry sales

    Favorite memory:  The "Mor's"

                                                    Mark Reagan  mreagan@macshop.com
    Bradley Resare
    Bradley Resare  Fallbrook, CA  dr.resare@gmail.com, revresare@adelphia.net

    United Methodist Minister

     18 years in Pharmaceutical Sales with the Upjohn Company, 10 years as a United Methodist Minister, now serving as senior pastor at Fallbrook United Methodist Church since June of 2000.

    Favorite memory:  Hanging out at Mary S. Young Park

    Miss you all.

                Cary M Sadler  Tuscon,AZ  theperfectgarage@yahoo.com
    Online auto parts sales/auctions
    What a long strange trip it's been... heading into phase two.
    Favorite Memory: Hanging with friends (Don Jensen, the late Mara Katlaps and others) singing around the piano in the auditorium. Being busted for minor offences by Dan Rollins.
    I miss Oregon and some of my old pals every day.
     Mark Schweizer
      Mark Schweizer  West Linn, OR    m.schweizer@comcast.net
    Timm Stone
    Tim Stone    Lake Tapps, WA   stonetc@comcast.net

    Was in publishing/advertising

    I'm amazed at how WL has changed in the 31 years since we graduated. I've primarily lived in the Seattle area (Lake Tapps, Pierce County at present) for the past 20 or so years and after starting a publishing company in 1996, sold out in 2004 and have been retired (though I prefer "re-wired") since then. I spend most of my time doing volunteer work (Habitat for Humanity twice a week and am also involved with Wilderness Volunteers) and have been trying to get in as much adventure as possible (going to Poland in October 2006 to help Habitat for Humanity project near Krakow). Was there a 30 year reunion?! I never heard of one, but please let me know if there will be a 35th (boy that sounds kinda scary!).

    Hey, we were a great class full of interesting characters... and I wish all the best to those reading this message.

    Ken Ulbricht
     Ken Ulbricht  Gearhart, OR  kenul@pacifier.com
    Gregory Wood
    Gregory Wood  Castle Rock, CO  gwood4335@aol.com
    Working at NORAD US NORTHCOM in Colorado Springs at Peterson AFB



    Mike Wright      Salem, OR      mike@oregontentrentals.com





    Owner of Oregon Tent Rentals


    Stephanie (Zenger) Bradley
    Stephanie (Zenger) Bradley  Oregon City, OR  hotrod16164@msn.com

    Executive Secretary at a Brokerage firm