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     Calvin M. Behrens
     Calvin M. Behrens Jr.   Seattle, WA                                        morey@behrens.name

    Information Technology Project Manager

    Favorite memory:  Ski Club, Logic Class - can't remember the teacher's name though.

     Barbara (Boettcher) Eisele
    Barbara (Boettcher) Eisele 
     Everett, WA 
     Loreen (Brooks) Hinkle
    Loreen (Brooks) Hinkle  Portland, OR   bill.loreen.hinkle@worldnet.att.net
    Part-time clerical work for Office Team/Self Employed
    Home Web Page Address:  www.mygabbygoodies.biz/loreenh
    I married a wonderful guy 12/12/94 (first marriage for both).  I used a personal ad, paper not internet, to find him.  We are still married and have no children.

    Brent Daniels  
    Brent Daniels  Chehalis, WA  rr2boxc39@aol.com


    Plant manager

                Al Ferguson  Tigard, OR  alfinore@hotmail.com
    Truck driver
     Suzette Franzen
    Suzette Franzen  Oregon City, OR  mikeandsuzy@msn.com
    Married to Mike Gabriel from Oregon City since 1981, working for the City of Lake Oswego.
     Beth (Gibson) Niquette
    Beth (Gibson) Niquette  Independence, OR  Mopniquette@msn.com
    Artist, dramatist, etc.
    Home web page: www.dramaministry.org
    My husband Alan, and I and our three children, Jeni, Kyndi, and Stetson have been performing drama together since 1991, and have been blessed to travel across the United States performing original plays for various organizations and churches. this is our full-time work, and it has been an adventure!
    Favorite Memory: I remember my best friends, Eric, Freda, Julie, Heidi, Joan, Joe... there were so many other friends I loved and cherished, and whom I've missed over the years.
    One of my favorite memories was when about ten of us all tied our shoe laces together at lunch in the lunchroom--the laces got so tight and knotted we were late for class by the time we got everyone's shoes untied.
    I would love to hear from any of my old friends from high school. I attended the 25th year reunion, and it was delightful to renew friendships from that time of my life. I would like to renew some more of those old friendships.
                                     Barbie (Hauck) Lopez  West Linn, OR                                       Barbie@Mexicounlimited.com

    I own a Wholesale Travel Agency specializing in Mexican vacations.

                           Ron Brent Ingersoll   Peoria, AZ                                                               racindude18@aol.com

    Area supervisor Little Caesars Corp.

    It would take too long but the short of it, I raised my 3 kids by myself and now I have 3 grandkids and just love it.

    Favorite memory:  Playing sports and the friends I met.


      76JonesJan  Jan (Jones) Fox     Costa Mesa, CA


    Martha (Manning) Mitchell
    Martha (Manning) Mitchell    Helix, Oregon   averybusy_grandma@hotmail.com


    I decided to return to school and become a teacher of literature and a counselor working with junior high school students. Drugs and alcohol are a real concern to me and I want to help stop the problem.  I will graduate in 2009, the year I turn 50 and my youngest graduates.

    I am a mother of two and we just recently adopted a teenage girl so now it makes three.  I am a wife of 25 years to Byron who treats me better than I deserve and we are proud grandparents, Dean is two and oh sooooo busy.

    I was a part time library director for ten years and then I took a full time job as a caregiver for an adolescent treatment center until I was injured by a slamming door to my spine last summer.  I am unable to lift more than ten pounds without major pain.

    So I currently work NOC's for a mental health facility, desiring a winning lottery number so I don't have to worry about health insurance for my back and family.  For the most part I am the same old Martha, jovial and plump.  Getting old has its joys but arthritis is not my idea of fun.

    Favorite memory: Basketball games and my younger brother dripping dill pickle juice all over everyone.  All the plays and after school antics in the downtown Portland park blocks.

     76Osburn Karen (Carlson) Osburn    kkocarlson@hotmail.com
    Excess Casualty Underwriter
     76Romine   Lorrie(Miller)Romine  Tualatin, OR                                                           lorrie97008@gmail.com
    Judy (Ragsdale) Woodward
    Judy (Ragsdale) Woodward  judy10252001@yahoo.com 

                               Brenda (Rowan) Peters  Australia                                                  brenda.peters@oregonchain.net.au                   

    Office manager

    G'day, hope everyone in the class of '76 is doing great.  Cheers--Brenda

    Freda (Sims) Emmons
    Freda (Sims) Emmons  Troutdale, OR  freda@writeme.com

    Author, inspirational speaker

    Home web page address:  www.flameofhealing.com

    My book, Flame of Healing: A Daily Journey of Healing from Abuse and Trauma, is beginning to take off.  Two ministries that offer healing retreats are using it, as a continuation of the healing process for their retreat attendees.  In addition, a Seminary that trains Chaplains is using "Flame of Healing" to teach chaplains about spiritual healing.  I am currently working on another devotional and a novel, as well as loving our empty nest and occasionally caring for our wonderful granddaughter.

    Favorite memory:  I really love the beauty of the May Day celebrations.  As a freshman, I felt beautiful for the first time in my life, as I participated in the May Pole Dance with all the beautiful gals in pastels.  I also loved being in band and going to Europe, which broadened my concept of the world in which we live.

    I've really enjoyed re-connecting with friends from school. I had more friends than I realized! I loved school so much; it was a place of safety and fun.

    There were two teachers in particular who saw something in me and encouraged me to strive for my best.  I really appreciate them, and will always remember their impact upon my life.

    Does anyone know how to get a hold of Kathy McCall?

    Linda (Wood) Talboy
    Linda (Wood) Talboy  North Bend, OR  slugbaite1@aol.com

    Travel Agent