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       Julie C. Akers   Phoenix, AZ      jc.akers11911@gmail.com                

    Driver, Photographer, Inventor, Treasurer

    Two kids, three grandkids, learned how to drive an 18 Wheeler. Living in Phoenix, AZ. Enjoying life on my terms.

    Favorite memory:  All the memories of high school.

    I was never gay, but now am an activist for many things and issues.

     Vickie Arnold-Reed
    Vickie Arnold-Reed  Happy Valley, OR 


    Was a lab tech for Steinfeld pickle plant

    Not married, have two grown kids boy and a girl, looking for work my job closed up and went to India where it is cheaper to work.  I play Farmville on the computer and enjoy life.
                               Sheila (Bell) Amundson  Happy Valley, OR 
    Ed Bietschek
    Ed Bietschek  West Linn, OR  ed_bietschek@toyota.com


    Regional Manager, Scion

    Married 28 Years to Sheila. 2 Sons, Jake 22 and Josh 20. Both graduated from West Linn

    Favorite Memory:  Friday and Saturday nights with friends 
    Gina (Calise) Stalsberg
    Gina (Calise) Stalsberg  Lake Oswego, OR   stalsbergs@msn.com
                Kathy Cornelius Johnson  Grand Junction, CO                                   katsnews44@aol.com



    Married, 32 years, teacher for 30, two sons, two dogs, two cats...spent 17 years in California, now loving Colorado.  Will finish my Masters degree in Education this May.

    Favorite memory:  Young Life sports
                             Erin (Edwards) Roland  Honolulu, HI                                                             hmngbrdi@yahoo.com

    Hi to everyone.  I've been living in Hawaii for almost three years.  I moved here when Shaun and I married in 2001.  He is currently in Afghanistan for the year.  I am moving back to Oregon to attend grad school at U of O and teach Spanish in the fall.  We have two dogs and a cat.  If you would like to send Shaun a message, you can email me.  Take care.
    Jim Fowler
    Jim Fowler Williamsburg, Virginia  jamesfowler929@yahoo.com

    Sales & Marketing V.P.

    Have a family with children, travel a lot throughout the world, play lots of tennis, and work!

    Favorite memory: Senior year . . . playing on the football and tennis teams.

    Jennifer Franzen
    Jennifer Franzen  Wilsonville, OR  jmmh3@fibersphere.net

    Credit Manager

    I am married and have two children ages 8 and 13.  Live in Wilsonville and work part time.

    Favorite memory: Trying to hang out with my sister Suzy and her not wanting me to!!

    Roger P. Hass
    Roger P. Hass  Salem, OR  wearbear2005@yahoo.com

    On disability

    Find me on Facebook.

    I have done many different jobs in my life.  Jobs ranging from food service to cabinetry.  During the 1990s I went back to school majoring in the arts.  I graduated from WOU in 1998.  In 2010 I under went open heart surgery, and with the onslaught of arthritis have gone on disability.

    Favorite memory:  1) Square Dancer in May Day 1974.  2) Working on plays in the theatre dept.  3) Hanging with friends during lunch and snack period.

    Going through the West Linn schools in my younger life was a really good experience in my life, though I did not realize it at the time.

    Jean (Johnson) DeWitt
    Jean (Johnson) DeWitt    Mill Creek, WA  jean.dewitt@comcast.net

    Mom and substitute teacher

    I got married in 1999 to Rick, a Microsoft computer programmer.  We're raising our 6 year old and keeping busy volunteering, remodeling and gardening.

    Favorite memory:  I'll never forget the road trip with the jazz choir to Tri-cities, an the trip to Europe with the band and orchestra.

    Plant a Tree

    77Leese   Kenneth Leese    Beijing, China    kenndl@frontier.com
    Economics & Business Faculty, UIBE-School of International Studies
    Lots of degrees: UG- neuropsychology (UO), actuarial mathematics (OSU); GR- MBA (PSU), PhD program, risk management, economics (Georgia State); Denied employment; diagnosed autism, subsequently taught overseas at Nagoya Management College (Japan), teach now at Beijing University of International (economics, int'l trade & finance, business ethics). Acting ability helps with autism, but is very taxing; such kind of life is very isolating, very lonely; feel suicidal, but prefer suffering to honor the Giver of Life. Been to France, planning a trip to Greece. 
    Favorite Memory:   Dean Pierce and I witnessing Doug Koellermeier getting a hole-in-one on Lake Oswego Muni #17; watching my younger brother, Mark, play a maître d' in the spring play my senior year; "Putting on the Ritz" - partying with LOHS listening to the Grateful Dead; meeting athletic celebrities at Oswego Lake CC; playing golf with Rick Schoneley and other Oswegans with a beer keg on the OLCC golf course; Ron Becker's classes were always top-notch, Marjorie Logsdon and her radiant smile; Dallas Johnson's sense of fair play; Wally Pond, "Good day, you beautiful people"; An A+ in Welty Drama class, but I've always had to be an actor. Watching the beauty and charm in the young women develop was also a favorite memory.
     Guidance counseling is a very important position at a high school and, for me, we had two that weren't worth their salt. Ray Swanstrom recommended I "go work in the mill."  Autism is on the rise in America. A European article I read quoted psychogenic reasons, not things like vaccines and genetics. This means that excessive parental cruelty, born of self-centeredness, is at cause. Some have even detected cruelty to infants! America is known to Europeans as the land of cruelty to children and, I ought to know, as our family was one of the cruelest. Sweet natural affection. Mamas, love your babies. In so far as faith is concerned, I've never found a church that actually does what is in the Bible and, if they do somewhat, they pick and choose. I have been amazed at the faithfulness of the Orthodox Christian Church throughout its inception from the day of Pentecost to the present time. It is apostolic and has remained so since its inception.  
                              Jonathan Matthews  Tualatin, OR   

    Architectural Project Manager

    I have been married to Rachael Phipps for 5 years and we will be expecting our 1st child (a boy - David Isaiah Matthews) on June 28, 2004.  We are currently living in Tualatin.  I am now in the Oregon National Guard as a Motor Transport Specialist.

    Favorite memory: Football games and lunch.

    Scott P. Musselwhite
    Scott P. Musselwhite   Fort Worth, TX txnbyfate@hotmail.com

    Internet Manager Auto

    Have been in auto biz for over 20 years, have my own biz for 6 yrs, but now I'm back at work for the man . . . lol

                       James Neely  Wilsonville, OR  aneely@nwmfp.com

    Steam fitter

    Married for 33 years in April to Annette.  Have two boys and six grandkids.

    Hobbies:  Fishing, hunting, and camping with family and friends.  Also farming approx. 300 acres in the Wilsonville area.

    Annette (Schreiber) Rotrock
    Annette (Schreiber) Rotrock  Oregon City, OR <>arotrock@comcast.net


    Licensed Massage Therapist and Dental Assistant

    I am married, 21 years this year, and we have a wonderful daughter who will be graduating from OCHS this year.  We live in the country.  I enjoy camping and playing in the yard (is weeding considered playing...?) and I love my family and friends.

    Favorite memories:  Choir, drama and Young Life all bring back great memories.  Mr. Welty and Mrs. Gano were favorite teachers.  I can't believe it's been so long, we're getting older . . .   :)  Life is good, God is great.

     77Sellon                  Laurie Sellon  Alpine, UT                                                                    laurie.sellon@facebook.com

    Student at Brigham Young University

    I'm currently studying to get into the Nursing Program and Brigham Young University.

    Favorite memory:  Water Skiing at Cedar Oak boat landing and meeting new friends on the river.   - Junior Achievement - Singing with the Jazz Choir and at Graduation.

    I have 5 beautiful children and 3 grandchildren who I adore. I love being a Grandma!

    Is our class ever going to have another reunion? I'd sure like to have another one.
    Todd Stewart


    Todd Stewart  teej3333@frontier.com 


    Communications / Fiber Optics Specialist

    Worked for 32 years at GTE / Verizon.  Retired January 2010.  Now back to work contracting in the same field.

     Renee (Story) Jones
     Renee (Story) Jones Bend, OR  reneej@bendcable.com

    Artist and business owner

    Home web page address:  http://www.classyplaques.com/

    I've been married 33 years to my high school love, Craig Jones. We run a business together called Classy Plaques Studio.  I hand paint house plaques and sell them online in the United States and around the world.  It is very exciting!  Our oldest daughter, Joscelyn, just got married and our youngest, Allison, is in her second year of college.  Our life is blessed by the Lord. He is good!

    Favorite memory:  Young Life get-togethers and square dancing.  May Day was a definite highlight!

    Teresa (Trueb) Rapp


    Teresa (Trueb)  McMinnville, OR  Rapplovetork@hotmail.com


    Title clerk

    Married, divorced, remarried.  Two kids, 2 step-kids, 4 grandkids and one on the way!  Own a used car dealership and a Hispanic butcher shop.  Sing at weddings, funerals, church.

    Favorite memory:  Skipping school with Melanie.  Lunch at the old store.  Mr. Welty and drama.


                  Randy Vincent   St. David, AZ   randy@raytheon.com



    Home web page:  rsvincent@hughes.net

    Have two boys and two step-daughters. Oldest are graduated from high school.  Youngest will be out of high school in "09".  Life is good.

    My favorite memory:  Just the time with good friends.  Mainly Ed, Rick and Bob.  Lots of good times down at the BEDD.  (When I wasn't on the pig farm).

    What happened to the 30th?  I was looking forward to it coming up.

    George Walrod
    George Walrod  Portland, OR  gwalrod@pcez.com


    Disabled- hospitality industry

    Favorite memory:  Winning the homecoming sexiest legs contest.

    Douglas E. Ware
    Douglas E. Ware  West Linn, OR  ashbyware@home.com

    Sprinkler Installer

    Wendy (Wright) Ross
    Wendy (Wright) Ross  Newberg, OR   rwendy59@comcast.net


    Current Special Ed Masters program student

    Favorite memory:  Being the West Linn Lion during my senior year.

    Mr. Sweet (guidance counselor) was wrong when he told me I was not college material and to get married and have babies.  I am a 4.0 student.  It just took me a while because I got married and had babies.